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Cinema meeting

finally the evening is here, and I am all ready to go out. I am going to a cinema, going to see John wick, chapter 3. I hope some of you who read this was here, imagine what I was doing while you was occupied by the story.

Bull came over to me some time before the movie started. I put the butt plug inside me, that makes the play a bit more fun. 

We sat down on the chair, I was wearing a short skirt with no panties of course. 

I took bulls hand and put it under my skirt, I was ready already before the movie started. Ha sat there all quiet, had his hand placed over my pussy. Holding still, and I could feel his fingers shiver. It was dark in the room, and there was many people there. 

I placed my head back on the chair, and bull started to move his fingers. I took my hand over to bulls pants and I could feel his big hard cock under there. I took a deep breath and open one button, then another one. I pressed my hand in his pants, and found his hard soft cock pulsating against my hand.

I moved …

Espresso house

Sunny weather and warm wind, perfect for a day out on a coffee "date". I am on my way to meet one of my girl friends on espresso house.
But one thing is...I have one of those very horny days. I have 6 out of 7 days like this and the last day, the 7th is also horny ;) 
I found my butt plug, lubed it in and went into the bathroom. I pulled up my skirt, slowly as I closed my eyes and imagine people was watching me. I let my hand wander up my thigh and end at my pussy.
I took my legs apart and bent forward, as I took the butt plug and opened my ass and let it slide inside me.

I walked over to my girl friend who already was there, and sat down. I sat my handbag on the floor beside my chair and I felt my butt plug vibrate as I sat down. I smiled and my friend just had to ask why I was smiling, she say she never know what is inside my crazy head.
"This funny thing is not inside my head" I responded.

We had been sitting here a while and just as I bent over to here to tell here s…

Car trip

Have I told you all the excitement of doing things in a car? You can actually do a lot here. 
I remember one time I wanted to be a bit bitch to my cuckold. I told him to drive me to my Bull, and of course he did. When we got where we was suppose to be, bull came towards us. He had rope in his hands, went strait up to my cuckold and started to tie him up. His head first so he could not complain or see anything. 

Then we took all of his cloths off, and started to tie up his arms and legs and he could not do anything. We open the backdoor, pushed cuckold inside and locked the door.

Then we got in the car our self, Bull was driving.
I unbutton his pants and started to play with his cock. It was already hard and ready and I felt a tingling feeling down in my pussy. I knew cuckold could hear us so we talked extra dirty and bull could not help himself and really let out some nice sentence about me being a true slut in need of real cock.

I pressed my face down on his shaft while he where driving. …

Talk about sex and fantasies

I sit here, it is Friday and the weekend is here. I am still a bit aroused from the bull meeting this night. I have some juicy details to share, but first I thought to tell you a thing or two that has been on my mind. To get this meetings as perfect as possible, it is to make your fantasy real. I had a special thing I wanted to try out this time.

It is truly important to enjoy the sex game. I am always down to try new things, are you? if you are in to it only because your partner wants too...neither  of you will get much out of this sex. It is good to be willing and in game, but if you are not enjoying the sex, it can feel like its fake, its for show or it is just a hassel.. and no one wants that.

Start to enjoy sex for yourself. Probably you will not like it all, but you will find something, whether it is bindings, thrill of being looked at, clitoral stimulation, ass fucking or what ever that is in you head.

One important thing if you want a great sex life is do not leave it up to your …

Sex and the talk about it part one

Sex is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and is is easy to let the sexual communication collapse. But in fact to strengthen this communication, will strengthen your relationship. This will also help you to explore your sexual boundaries like never before. 

With us we talk a lot of everything. from sex to other people to normal things in life. 
It is important to do so. It is cuckold who often finds bull for me, he sits online and look and chat. if he find them interesting, he comes to me with them. But to be able to do it like this we need to talk, he need to know what I like what I want.

If you want me, you have to go through cuckold :) 

Today I am making myself ready for Bull meeting, so I have to run now. I tell you all about it soon :)

keep naughty as always.


Tempting cuckold?

Ahhh darling I am in need of care, you wanna find some cream for me and make my pussy all shiny and warm? I think it needs some massage and some care, 

Cuckold jumped up from the sofa, almost running to get the cream. When he came back I still sat in the same way as when he left. I told him to undress me and make me lay down in a good position. He was not hard to give a task today. He put a pillow under my back and two under my head. He to my legs apart and slowly started to take some cream on my pussy. He slowly started to massage my lips. 

I smiled to him, "I think my hole body are in need of some care" I fetched me some massage oil, undressed my blouse, and slowly started to massage my body. I saw he had started to get his hopes up. If he did take good care of me, maybe he was gonna be released today. Just as my plan where. Not to let him be free of the chastity, but making him believe he had a chance.

He massage my body, and sometime in between he went back to my pussy. He …

Our national day

I got to the pc today, and what do I see, The blog from yesterday have not been published... Not quite sure what was happening here, but here it is :) 

Then we have had our countrys national day, i wore my national costume, panties free. It was sunny, warm and a lot of Norwegian flag where ever I lay my eyes. 

After the parade, we got some friends over for some lunsj. A bull came also, even no one of the friends knew who he was. just as we where finished eating, I told Bull i needed his help with a program on my pc, could he help me out?

But of course it was not a pc program that needed help, it was me and my hunger for cock. I pulled him into the bedroom, pushed him down in the bed, lifted my skirt and clime on top of him. He was already hard, as I slowly sat down on top of him. he took some snaps of me and sendt them to cuckold who sat with our friends outside. 

I ride him to both me and him moaned our orgasm at the same time, and I become so warm. he national costume is so big, full of…

A productive day at work

Today we had a meeting at work. We are looking for a new entrepreneur for some new buildings.
And what did walk into the room... A tall sexy dark devil. He had a spark in his eye and I quickly noticed he got an eye for me.
I sat down beside him, in skirt and of course high heels.  I pulled y skirt a bit up when I sat down so my skirt where very short when I sat on the chair. I could smell his colon and I saw he was looking at my legs often.

I "accidentally" lost a pen at the floor, I ask if he could bend down  to grab it for me.He smiled and said of course. As he where down at the floor, grabbing the pen for me, I took my legs a bit apart. I wore no panties of course and I knew if he look in at the right time, he will se something. But I make it his choice, I don`t want any sex press at work. But he looked and he loved what he saw. He took his time under there while the rest of us sat nicely at the table talking buildings. 

He came back up, gave me the pen and smiled. 

After the …

Not a day without an orgasm, or three

Planning the Norwegian national day, I found my national costume, bought inn food and drinks. It is this Friday, and I will of course not wear any panties under my dress. Maybe i take some pictures for you :)

Rest of the day went pretty fast and not to much play today, but an orgasm free day is a no go. Cuckold had a friend over today, they where sitting and planning some project on work. I took the opportunity, walked into the office. Touched him on the shoulder, put my hand on myself and bit my lip.  I smiled slowly and told him strait out that his buddy needed to wait a bit, I needed to use my man for a short time. I just need an orgasm or three I told them. 

I took my cuckold tie and pulled him after me out them door, and I of course let the door stand open so he could hear what he wanted to hear.
I lifted my skirt and grabbed cuckolds hair, pulled him down on his knees. He putted his face against my pussy and started with circular movement just as I love. I willingly spread my legs a …

When I get an naughty moment

Cuckold sat in the sofa, he was looking at a show with a beer in his hand. I was feeling a bit naughty so I went up to the bedroom, found the blindfold and some rope.  Put it behind my back as I went back down. I went over to him, took the beer out of his hand and put the blind fold on. Then I took the rope, tied his hands thigh together.
I told him not to speak, as I removed his pants.

His chastity was still on his cock as the cloth was removed. I took the key, I noticed cuckold heard the noise from the key chain and his body was tighten. I took the key and put it into the lock on the chastity. 
I told him to use his girly sissy voice if he was going to talk to me, and he had to ask me for permission to come, or other things.

I put the chastity on the table beside me, and started to slowly touch his frenulum. It had been locked in so long now, but I had already foreseen this so for 20 minutes ago, I had taken a bite from a banana and in that bite I had placed a smashed viagra. I kissed c…

I am a Hotwife and I am normal

Hello all of you out there, now I have had my blog for some months, and I must say I love to share some of the things that is going on in my life. Some days it can be a bit hard to get pictures on this kind of blog, not all want to be on photos here. Somedays it is a bit hard because of the place I am at. I have a job, where I have a lot of contact with different kind of people, and even in 2019 you can`t be what you like in our society. There isn’t always room for being a Hotwife. I am a Hotwife 100% and I even wear no panties under my skirt at work, I tend to wear latex in public, I wear fishnet stocking on ordinary daytime and high heels is a must of course.

But then I think... By going like this, love to fuck and test out different aspect in sex, Play and dominate my man. How does that hurt or even disrupts other people? The persons who do not like this side of they have to care what I like?
Sometimes I think maybe those who scream the most is the one most curious? The ones…

All tied up in the dark

I feel the rush as I look at the bed, all made up and ready for play. The handcuffs is already stuck in the walls, and the latex sheet is on. The chain for the legs is nicely placed at the end of the bed. 
I look inside the box with my dresses, try to pick one to se. I choose a catsuit. 
Catsuit is easy to play in, and comfortable on. 

Cuckold came into the room, found the blindfold and took it on me. I sat on the bed, waiting for someone I do not know. 
I sat here for quite some time, and I could feel the tension building up in me. after some time, someone came into the room. slowly I felt cuckolds hands on my shoulder, and I heard a voice telling him to tie me up.
I lay down in the bed, let my hand be locked in the handcuffs. They where thigh, and my hands could not move.

My legs was taken apart and I heard the chain noise from another part of the room.
With a firm hand my ankle was locked to the chain. With my arms above my head and my legs wide apart, I was ready to be used.  I heard a n…

Planning the night with mouth gag dildo

The weekend is here again.
Today I have dragged my cuckold through a mall. Fun for me, so it has to be fun for him too. 
I got myself a new dress, white long and a deep cleaves.

New shoe, bikini and some new stuff for my new cat. I just got myself a Holy Birman and I just love the look and personality of this kitten.
Fluffy and cuddling.

Home from shopping I went up and found the gag dildo, I like to be fucked in the ass tonight. First some food, a glass of red wine and my cuckold in dildo gag. I love to feel my ass getting  and now it has been too long. 
I look at the gag and smile, first he gonna fuck my as with the mouth gag with the dildo on. When he fuck me with this he gets so close with his face, that his nose touch my ass when he are deep inside me. Can you come any closer to a penetrating of an ass hole. 

I know my cuckold get so horny by doing this. His chastity get so thigh. His cock tries to get hard and stiff, but not a chance for that. 

Looking forward to this. follow me tomorro…

Cuckold/Hotwife site

At the moment I sit at my mac and go through different page and web sites to where I can find Bulls. 

I found several of my Bulls from the site
This is a nice place to start and the people in here seems seriously and the site is clean. You get much things on this site for free, and even more things if you pay a subscription. this site can also be a nice place to look for Bull if you are going to visit Norway. 

This is a site for cuckold, hotwife, stag and vixen but also for all other with the same interest in sharing your partner.

There is a lot of other sites too,,,,, and
But still I miss a site like for the world outside Norway. Therefor I ask you my readers out there... Give me tips on sites, maybe similar  to that site or other  types. 
You have any chat places that is nice, I be very happy to receive a e-mail or message with site name.

"Sharing is caring" is a perfect quote:)

As the …

A Mistress edging

Hello all of you sexy people. This is a good Tuesday and instead of my edge my cuckold plan, I decided to edge my self. I was horny, or...well I an always horny. They say blondes have more fun.. I do not know, but all I know is that I have a lot of fun ;)
Cuckold came home from work today, he was tiered but my plan for him was quite calm so he didn’t have much to say.  I sent him into the shower and as he was cleaning up I made myself ready, and found the rope for cuckolds hands.
I put him on his knees, hands tied on his back and the gag in his mouth. 

The picture is taken with the latex mask so you can see the gag and not his face. I just love him with this gag. And when he gets turned on or in despair, he moans and drools over himself. He gets embarrassed when he notice his drooling, but he cant stop it.
I put myself in the bed strait in front of him. I had put on me my white cat suit and my thigh high boots, music and then I split my legs apart so he could look right into my pussy. I wa…

The master of edging

New week, new possibility. 
Do not have the biggest plans this week...yet. Beside to tease cuckold a bit, and maybe a trip to the cabin the next weekend, but... it is snowing. Of all things it is snowing today, cold and windy.
So today the plan is to stay inside. 

I was thinking... why do not more guys train to keep their orgasm back. Let the women, or other men edge them a little. The orgasm is even more intense if you can hold back.

This form is called edging, peaking or surfing. It is a control sexual technique. This is a maintenance of a high level sexual arousal for a long time without reaching climax. 

This picture explain my though pretty much on the spot. And step 1 is very important. Set aside time and privacy. Nothing ruins more than anxiety for disturbance. I would say at least 30-45 minutes, maybe it do not take that long, but best to have the time on your side. make things more relaxing and fun.

Step 2, lube. This is important because  you are gonna tease and use your genital m…

Yesterdays fun night

Well the Sunday is here, and so am I :)
Had a good time yesterday, first the club with my girls then some sex at the end. 
Already at the bar there was a few guys taking contact but somehow non of those interested me. Even if I am a slut, I am only slut for the one interesting me. I choose myself who can touch and who do not. If anyone go too far without my wanting they will notice. Both of my girls had been looking for company, but just one of them had found one. They disappeared for a few minutes, or maybe it was about 30 minutes or so. Even after this disappearing they sat and kissed and touched so they was not finished for the night.
Around midnight cuckold got me from the club and drove me to the hotel. My girls came along for the ride and on the way to the hotel we dropped them off where they where suppose to be.

I came into the hotel room where my cuckold already had been with a few things.

Bull sat in the sofa as I entered the room. I walked over to him and he pulled me down and ga…

Making ready for a Saturday night with my girls and....

I have had some very busy days now, and luckily it calms down now.
Well I am sitting her all dressed up, I am going out with my girls. Later tonight after some fun, I am gonna meet my regular Bull for some sex fun. 
Not sure yet if I am gonna go alone with him or if I am gonna find myself another one to join. Sometimes there is nothing at all out there on the town, and other time there is. 

It is a bit cold tonight so I take on me my knee high boots, but to put on panties... No thank you:) I am a slut, and I always go without panties. 
Deep cleave but I use small pieces of tape on my boobs and my shirt stays on for as long as I want.

Absolutely love this tape, it makes it possible to wear whatever I want wherever I want. And a deep cleave is sexy, on dress, shirt or whatever.

But anyhow, now I am sitting here with a glass of wine with my two girls. Cuckold is dressed up in maid, chastity and serves us cold drinks. My girlfriends just love to start our night out here with my, with my cuckold…

The evening with BBC

You know what the best of yesterday was? I got bull visiting . The hours  was suddenly gone for me and I was occupied for a long time.
It is way too long since last time.
I put on my fishnet stocking and the black little dress. I found my metal butt plug and lubed it ready before I put it in my ass hole.

We started the evening with some shibari training, this was a fun start on the meeting. My hand was tied up in my back and my dress was slowly lifted up by my bull. His finger played with my clit and I felt I was getting wet and I moaned  loudly 
Right before I was getting to my climax, he slowed down on his finger movement. He fetched the vibrating egg and lay it down on my clit as he opened my pussy and put his finger inside.

I was closing in to my climax again and then he stoped again. 
" you have to wait little slut" he said smiling.
He took my hands and we went over to the bed, I lay down and looked at him coming closer with his BBC standing strait as a soldier.
I opened my mou…