Car trip

Have I told you all the excitement of doing things in a car? You can actually do a lot here. 
I remember one time I wanted to be a bit bitch to my cuckold. I told him to drive me to my Bull, and of course he did. When we got where we was suppose to be, bull came towards us. He had rope in his hands, went strait up to my cuckold and started to tie him up. His head first so he could not complain or see anything. 


Then we took all of his cloths off, and started to tie up his arms and legs and he could not do anything. We open the backdoor, pushed cuckold inside and locked the door.

Then we got in the car our self, Bull was driving.
I unbutton his pants and started to play with his cock. It was already hard and ready and I felt a tingling feeling down in my pussy. I knew cuckold could hear us so we talked extra dirty and bull could not help himself and really let out some nice sentence about me being a true slut in need of real cock.

I pressed my face down on his shaft while he where driving. There was a lot of car around us and I was hoping bull had control over the driving, I could not see anything happening on the road.
Bull moans and I could feel the pre-cum in my mouth.

He stop the car at a parking lot, close to the road so not to private. He went out of the car, got cuckold out too and sat him down on all 4 beside the car. Then he opened the door for me, and I walked out in my high heels


He followed me to where cuckold was. I sat my knees on cuckolds back and hold on thigh in the car. Bull lifted my skirt and pushed the big hard cock inside my pussy. I moaned and my knees pressed into cuckolds back as bull pressed himself out and into my pussy several times.
He grabbed my hair and pulled me back into his body, while he still fucked me. I could feel my pulse rise, and my legs started to shiver. I moaned as I felt bull started to fuck me even faster and grabbed me around my neck. Just as he started to get the orgasm he pulled out from me and filled cuckold with cum. Warm, white, sticky cum all over cuckolds body. 

Cuckold moaned and cuckold laugh at him, and pressed the last drop of cum from his cock and down on cuckold.
We put cuckold back into the car and continued our trip. This was just the start.

More people doing thing in car out there? I can agreed on that inside a car can be crowded, but so what? find out what works for you, test try and do it all over again. inside the car, out side of the car or even on top of it :)
Stay kinky sexy and naughty that is the best of life.



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