Talk about sex and fantasies

I sit here, it is Friday and the weekend is here. I am still a bit aroused from the bull meeting this night. I have some juicy details to share, but first I thought to tell you a thing or two that has been on my mind. To get this meetings as perfect as possible, it is to make your fantasy real. I had a special thing I wanted to try out this time.

It is truly important to enjoy the sex game. I am always down to try new things, are you? if you are in to it only because your partner wants too...neither  of you will get much out of this sex. It is good to be willing and in game, but if you are not enjoying the sex, it can feel like its fake, its for show or it is just a hassel.. and no one wants that.

Start to enjoy sex for yourself. Probably you will not like it all, but you will find something, whether it is bindings, thrill of being looked at, clitoral stimulation, ass fucking or what ever that is in you head.


One important thing if you want a great sex life is do not leave it up to your partner to spice things up, take the commend yourself.
Let your partner see your freaky ideas you like to try out, do not be shy.
The chances are he/she will think you are contributing, and they will absolutely LOVE to see you so turned on when you do try it out. 

It is important to talk about limits, and wishes. It is not sure he/she is into or interested in the thing you like to try, but do not be discouraged, there is more things to do. 
Like me, I am not into wet but I have been asked several times if I can join for it. Then I tell the person no, then we continuing to talk and ask and come with ideas, and to the end we get a great meeting. It is the same with couple, talk with each other, tell your ideas, do not hold back. 
How can your partner or your self be better  if you do not know what the other one wants or like?

Stay naughty, stay true to yourself and keep the ideas and fantasies floating, and most important, do not keep them as an secret.

Good luck



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