A productive day at work

Today we had a meeting at work. We are looking for a new entrepreneur for some new buildings.
And what did walk into the room... A tall sexy dark devil. He had a spark in his eye and I quickly noticed he got an eye for me.
I sat down beside him, in skirt and of course high heels.  I pulled y skirt a bit up when I sat down so my skirt where very short when I sat on the chair. I could smell his colon and I saw he was looking at my legs often.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

I "accidentally" lost a pen at the floor, I ask if he could bend down  to grab it for me.He smiled and said of course. As he where down at the floor, grabbing the pen for me, I took my legs a bit apart. I wore no panties of course and I knew if he look in at the right time, he will se something. But I make it his choice, I don`t want any sex press at work. But he looked and he loved what he saw. He took his time under there while the rest of us sat nicely at the table talking buildings. 

He came back up, gave me the pen and smiled. 

After the meeting, coffee was served. I took two cups and went over to the hansom man from the meeting. I gave him the coffee. You want this I said. He smiled, do you follow it he responded. I had to laugh and I told him if he liked I could follow. We where standing there talking and I ask him about girls or boys in his life. He had a girl, but they had an open relationship he told me. Not a normal thing to tell someone so early in the conversation, so I took that as a sign. I ask him strait out if he liked to be my bull, I would love to fuck him. He was immediately interested, and I said I had to have a control before we made an agreement. 

I had him following me to the toilet, handicap toilet this time, there where no handicapped at work at the moment. I unzipped his pants and it fell to the floor. He was soft, but clean and shaved. I had to check his size so I sat down on my knees, and slowly took his cock in my mouth. It reacted fast and become hard and ready. he was big, when I asked he told me 25 centimeters. I kissed his head, and then I let my tongue follow his frenulum. He held fast to the sink and I started to suck him fast. my tongue worked his head as my mouth moved up and down. 

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

It only took a few minutes before he reached his climax, I let him cum all over my thighs, I wanted to save it there until I got home to my cuckold. He too have to taste my new play toy. 

All finished I asked him if he was ready for more, and he was. I got his snap chat and we planned a new meeting soon. I never give out my phone number, I use snap chat.

So the day at work was productive, and I look forward to meeting him later on along with my cuckold. Let cuckold see and hear me when I get that real hard big cock inside me. 
That is just so igniting, and I get horny just by the thought of it. 

Well that was my day today, now it is time for bed, after another orgasm of course. Today I will tease my cuckold a bit first, I will let him thing he has a chance to get out of his chastity, but I have no plans to letting him out :)

Good night all and have a kinky sexy night



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