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Got myself a birthday gift

I had a serious episode in my life this summer, and fall. And sorry to all of you who was following me on this blog. I have been away for a few months now, but now I am back  I hope you all will read and follow me in my life in the future.  I had birthday this summer and as a birthday gift i got myself a fantastic latex cat suit from Fantastic rubber , and this web site I can really recommend. Fast, good respons and absolutely fantastic product! click the link and see all the fantastic things they got! I want all in this place © I took the whole latex suit with no zipper, or its only zipper sits in the croth. It have neck opening. To take it on, we needed a lot of latex oil and I had my cuckold to help  me to take it on. This is not the easyest cat suit to put on when you do it alone, it is best with 4 hands. I love to feel the latex on my skin. I can feel the soft thigh feeling. My body gets hot and my pussy gets easy horny. I feel the sexy strokes