Not a day without an orgasm, or three

Planning the Norwegian national day, I found my national costume, bought inn food and drinks. It is this Friday, and I will of course not wear any panties under my dress. Maybe i take some pictures for you :)

Rest of the day went pretty fast and not to much play today, but an orgasm free day is a no go.
Cuckold had a friend over today, they where sitting and planning some project on work. I took the opportunity, walked into the office. Touched him on the shoulder, put my hand on myself and bit my lip. 
I smiled slowly and told him strait out that his buddy needed to wait a bit, I needed to use my man for a short time. I just need an orgasm or three I told them. 


I took my cuckold tie and pulled him after me out them door, and I of course let the door stand open so he could hear what he wanted to hear.

I lifted my skirt and grabbed cuckolds hair, pulled him down on his knees. He putted his face against my pussy and started with circular movement just as I love. I willingly spread my legs a bit more, a slut never closes her legs. 
I moaned and throw my head a bit backwards as I still held his hair and pressed his warm tongue even closer to me. He used his hand to press the fingers inside me, locating my g-spot. He moved his fingers fast and I started to squirt and moan.
My legs started to shiver and my hands was shaking. 
I started to feel my climax and just as I fell outside the cliff my orgasm rushed through me as the adrenalin rushes through a cliff jumper. I told him deeper , harder let me come you filthy sissy, well aware of his buddy listening on us.

I got two orgasms in a row, took my pussy juice in y hand, and took it all over sissy`s face. Then I kissed him and told him to get back to the office.
As I went past the open door, I took a look in and I saw his buddy sitting there with his hand down his pants. I smiled and went back to my duty to fix the catering.

Now it is time for bed and I need one more, or a few more, orgasm. Let see how well sissy does his job, if he deserve to lay in my bed or if it is the floor for him tonight.



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