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Pushy Mistress

I really have been a pushy little Mistress today. I felt in a devilish mood, and indeed my cuckold got to know that. I started already  yesterday when I made him sleep on the floor. And as the nice kind Mistress I am, I gave him a nice pink blanket and a small pillow. he thanked me and I lay down to sleep in my king size bed.

My cuckold came and woke me up today, with a coffee and a toast. He was dressed in his maid outfit and ready to serve. I sat up and took the plate as I took and lifted his skirt. His chastity was all on place and I grabbed the cage and pulled, it was stuck.
"turn around" I told him as I put the plate down. I lifted the skirt again and inspected his ass. The ass shall always be ready and clean if I suddenly want to play with it, and it was spotless. 
I slapped his ass and told him to fetch my cloths and do the bathtub ready as I was going to eat. 

I stretched my body and lay it down into the hot water. Some calm music filled the room and made my cuckold sit …

The fun in edging game

I was thinking.... How many of you edge your partner? It is one of my favourite things to do. To have full control over my cuckolds orgasm, and se how he twist and turn where he is placed.
On new years eve I edged him 19 times... then he got an orgasm denial. Happy 2019 I told him. wonder how many years I can do this before he need a punishment for not making it.?

I take control and edge him when he is in chastity, he has a willing ass and I know how to use it. 

He get strong anal orgasm and he react a lot on his prostate massage. He can be allowed to come when I use his ass, if i allow it. But when it comes to his cock... not that often. I do milk him..It is not healthy for a guy not to empty his balls, but I am the one in charge and I decide how he can get an orgasm or an edging or a milking.

One of the first day I edged him over 10 times in a row, I looked him in the eyes on one of the edging . I told him to not close his eyes but keep they fixated on me. Then I asked him in middle of …

Small dick humiliations

So many people ask how to be a better lover, how to please a woman. Well I have many things I can list up, and even if our part of the game is that Bulls must have a larger cock than my cuckold, there is so much more in this game. 
And yes, you read right... This time, the cock size on the one I have sex with is an important part. My cuckold goes in chastity, the cock will become smaller but anyhow the size matter to humiliate my cuckold even more. If a bull is smaller than my cuckold, he is not the superior.

This is called the "small dick humiliation"and  I just love it. We wish for the cock to be over 20 centimetres in length and the black color is yet another humiliation. He can never give me over 20 centimetres and he can never give me a black one, no matter how much he tries to get a sun tan. 

Things I like to tell my cuckold, and love it when Bulls do it. example on things to say:

"You just stand there, you and your ridiculous little bump sticking out in front of you.…

Love my different orgasms

I have an exiting night in front of me, and as I stand in my walk in closet and look for the blindfold, I can feel I am looking forward for this.
There I found the black silk for my eyes. I go into the bathroom, take a shower and a scrub before I put on some sexy lingerie.
I sit on my knees on the floor, my cuckold takes the blindfold and lay it around my head. My eyes went black and I cant see a thing. I hear my cuckold in the room, and I know he finds some dildos and lubes for my bull. Tonight Bull is going to show my cuckold how to make me come in many different ways.

It has been quiet for some time now, and I take myself in listening for Bull and cuckold. There I heard them at last. I straiten my back and shake my hands a bit.  Bull got over to me, sat down in front of me and started to kiss me. As I sat there on my knees, Bull took his finger on my pussy and started to play with my clit. I felt I was horny and my pussy juice started to run down my thigh. My breath started to go a bit f…

Dressingroom fun

Today I was shopping with one of my girls. We where looking for some new dressed for the summer. Inside the shop, with several dresses to try on, I got an idea. Why have a "normal" shopping when you can do it with a twist?
There was a lot of people here and I bent over to her and gave her a challenge.
She looked at me, first thoughtful then smiling. 
"Deal is on" she said

We found all the dresses we wanted to try out and went to the dressing room

We smiled to each other as we pulled the curtain in front of the room. 
I sat down, took off my shoes and started to removed my skirt and shirt. I lay my head back at the wall, closed my eyes and started to think of one of my meetings, where I sat on my knees, a blindfold was taken around my head and all went dark. Several bulls stood around me, I knew they was slowly jerking off as they looked at me. 

One of my hands started to move on my clit and the other one played with my pussy. I was already wet and I let out a small moan. …

Sensitive gel testing, with a big twist

I had been so excited to test this cream calledViamax, sensitive gel fromLille Frekke. I Recommend all of you to press the link to see the info and if you like you can also buy it for yourself. But go in and have a look, it had some very funny ”side kicks”. I still have to smile when I write these words on what happened when we tested this product.
I lay down on the bed, ready for the testing. We had gotten help from one of my regular bulls to test this out. We looked and feels  the clit before we took the cream on. It was soft and was ”hiding” inside its little ”hole”. I reacted as usual and started fast to moan when I used my fingers on the clit. 
I continue to touch myself as cuckold started to make bull ready. He took his cock out of the pants and started to suck it slowly but deeply. Bull looked at me as cuckold sucked his dick faster and deeper. 
As I had been playing with the clit for a few minutes, I took the cream and open the tube.

The cream was more like a gel, and it feel cold …

The use of the easter egg products

Someday we do not know what to expect, and this was one of those days. 
After I had been to the store, I parked the car at home and vent inside. As I opened the door my cuckold met me in the hallway. He kissed me on my mouth, told me he loved me and he started to undress me. He locked the door and continued to kiss my body as the cloths fell off. I grabbed his hair and tighten my grip, as he continued to examine my body. 

I stood there naked, only wearing a tie, when he found some braces and got them on me. He hold me in a tight grip and fetched my hands, got the handcuffs and locked them on me.

I stood there completely still, ignorance of what was going to happen. I felt his tongue touched my pussy and his finger was opening my hole, I moaned and lay my head backwards.

Right before my orgasm was on top, he took my handcuffs and pulled my into the bedroom. He pushed me down into the bed and placed my ass out into the air. As I was placed like this, he took some lube on his fingers, slowly…

Easter surprise

Happy easter to all of you, and hope you all got an easter egg from your darling. I got mine today and I just love it.
As I woke up today there was an easter flower in my bed, and an easter egg.

I stretched my body, and my cuckold came quickly towards me. He sat down and started to massage my feet as I opened my egg.
I can see there is some plans for me tonight, and I do not know what it is.

I looked at the stuff inside.

Handcuffs, lube, binding rope, viamax sensitive gel, butt plug and a cream to make the cock less sensitive. 
Looking forward to see what happens tonight, my cuckold just smile when I ask him. He tells me he only done what a cuckold in love would do, and I truly deserve what comes. 

Looking forward to tell you about it tomorrow when I know more. 
As for me now, I need to get up from bed and get into the shower. need to get to the store before they closes today. Hmmm guess I have time for an orgasm before I go. I grab my cuckolds hand, remove it from my feet and place it on my …

First time fucking with strap-on

I laid there in the bed, all ready to play with my cuckold. He stood there sucking my strap-on. I closed my eyes and I smiled as I my thoughts went back to my first time with the strap-on.

For a some years ago, I lived pretty "normal" I never thought I should get off by fucking my man. I never believed I would be horny as I stood still, looking at an ass hole penetrating by my cock. I have always been very girl, never ever did my thoughts wonder off for me being the one standing there, with the dick, fucking.

When I started with it, I was unsure. I was exited and a bit afraid how to do it. But most of all I was curious and i was exited. 
I remember I saw the butt hole on my cuckold pointing towards me. shiny and ready with lube. My fingers played with the lube drop running down from the opening. I remember the smile I got in my face and my cuckold laying there, ready. well not all that ready, I walked towards the other end of the bed and showed my hands to cuckold. In my hands …

Fixing my strap on harness

As the evening started to play out, I took on me my big fish-hole cat suit and my body harness with the strap-on. I stood there looking at the dildo in the strap on... It is way to small for my sissy today. I took it off again, got a knife, and cut a big circular hole on the leather. I smiled as I cut out the hole, and gave my play box a look.

AS the hole was finished, I took the sucking cup dildo up from the box. I let my fingers walk slowly along the shaft, I let my tongue taste the dildo and my fingers started to unbuttoned my pants. I sat the dildo on the floor, and I saw it pointed strait up in the air. I played a bit with my own clit and I felt my pussy was turning wet. I putted my finger in the mouth, the taste of my pussy juice got mixed in my mouth. I raised my body up, and I slowly sat down again. I felt the dildo enter my pussy and I lay my head back, smiled and licked my lip. 

I started to move my body, and the dildo widen my pussy hole. I got the stretching feeling and I moa…

My love, my relationship and my thoughts

As I sit here, answering and reading my mails I think of my love to my cuckold. So many people out there , fantasising about sex and kinky stuff, but do not dare to tell the partner. I am so lucky, I tell my cuckold everything. This morning I woke up, kissed him and told him I needed girl-sex soon. I am so curious about girls, I love to look at them and I really like to taste, be tasted and just play with my own gender.
I am talking to several girls and couples, but not sure I found the woman I want to loose my virginity too. I need a confident woman, who want to use me.
I can do this meeting with a man or two involved, or I can do my first meeting with only girl (girls).

I been sitting here, thinking of a way for people to talk to their wife/husband/girl, boyfriend and so on... My opinion is to be honest about that you need or desire something more in your sex-life. 
The love I feel for my cuckold is huge, it sometimes feel like it is to much for me. Still with these feelings for my one …

Training my pussy for my bulls

To have a tight pussy, it is important to train your pussy muscles. I train them every day, when I am on the toilet I use the muscles to control the peeing. When I sit in a car, on a train or bus I tightens the muscles in my pussy. When you do it right, it feels like you are trying to pull your pussy lips inside your pussy. You can feel the muscles contracts all the way up to the stomach .

When I have orgasm, I can feel some of the same contractions  as when I train my pussy muscles. This is a fun fact:  When your girl gets an orgasm, at least the clit one, you can lay your hand still over the pussy, clit area, and you will feel the contractions in your hand.. No more faking the orgasm, now you know how to tell if is real or not. It is not a big movement or contraction, but it is there.

Let me tell you 3 easy ways to train the pussy muscles, this is easy and you will feel the difference over time. 
1) Kegel exercises
How to do this: - Make sure your bladder is empty, then sit or lay down - Ti…

Playing playstation Hotwifestyle

I think you all know that playstation is something all boys ( almost all boys/guys) like to do. Well sometimes it can be done Hotwife style too. 

Today my cuckold sat down after work, playing playstation. Sometime when he plays, he is so concentrated  that he almost do not see me. Today I wanted to change that. I asked if I could join him as I sometime does, and of course did he say yes... like he always does. I went to the kitchen, fetched me something to drink, put it on the table and went to the bathroom. There I took a quick shower and found my red lingerie, put it on and took n me cuckolds favourite  perfume.
I said I would like to try me against him on the game, and of course he said yes... He always win in playstation, I am not that good in that kind og tactics but I am good in other kind of tactics...
"lets make a deal" I said "The winner is having a 40 minutes long massage and one free wish for the evening" Cuckold would never say no to a chance to get free a…

Steak dinner eaten in chain

My cuckold loves steak, and I love my cuckold in chain and all locked up. What is better than bring these two together? 
Cuckold took the steak and put it in the frying pan together with some vegetables.
As he walked around, making dinner I took a nice long hot shower. Then I got dressed in my sexy fish-hole cat suit, took on me my hight heeled shoes and walked out to the kitchen. 

Dinner was ready and I send cuckold to the toilet to wash his hands before we sat down. While he was away I put the steak on the plate, put on some vegetables and found a glass of wine. put the plate on the kitchen table and then I fetched a dog bowl for my cuckold. 
I nicely placed the steak in the bowl and arranged the food nicely for him. Then I put the bowl on the floor with no cutlery of course.

Cuckold came back to the kitchen and saw his dinner standing there on the floor waiting for him.
"thank you for making my dinner ready Mistress" he said.
He pulled out the chair for me, and I sat down as he …

Shibari ideas part 1

Sometime I can sit in the chair on the porch looking at the sky, and this is one of those days.
I have the most wondeful life you can imagen, my cuckold try to do my day better every day, even it was good from the start. To have this kind of lifestyle, we have to talk to each other. Someday we have different toughts than other days.  Today I sit still and enjoy the peace and silence. I take my hand and leads it up my legs and further up my thigh. I am looking forward to the warmth in the summer now, to I can lay in the sun and get a sun tan color on my body. 
My hand walkes even further up and there is the pussy, newly shaved and waxed.  Today I have gotten a task from my bull, I am gonna find a nice Shibari binding. Cuckold need to learn this binding, to use on me. Then we will have a meeting and this is the way bull gonna find me waiting. There is so many out there that is so good with Shibari techniques, I realy need a master in this, to both tie me up and learn my cuckold to tie me up…

Out with my girls

Then its time for club night with my girls, it has been a long time since we been out now and I really looking forward to this. As I look through my closet I find the lacquer dress I love. Take it out and give it to cuckold, and tell him to shine it up. I go into the shower and let the water run down to my back and make my hear wet and sticky to my body. I take the soap and washed my body well, before I go out of the shower and dried my body with the towel. 

Cuckold gave me my dress and I took it on, ready for the night club.

I sit down on a chair, and cuckold fetches my shoes. It is still winter outside, but not much snow. Even if there is much snow outside I still still use my high heels, just too bad the shoes tend to be a bit broken when they are used outside in snow.
Then I was ready to have a girls night out, and I put my legs up on a stool and cuckold fetched me a glass of wine.

About one hour later we sat in the car, and cuckold as the designated driver for the night. As we pulled…