When I get an naughty moment

Cuckold sat in the sofa, he was looking at a show with a beer in his hand. I was feeling a bit naughty so I went up to the bedroom, found the blindfold and some rope.  Put it behind my back as I went back down. I went over to him, took the beer out of his hand and put the blind fold on. Then I took the rope, tied his hands thigh together.
I told him not to speak, as I removed his pants.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

His chastity was still on his cock as the cloth was removed. I took the key, I noticed cuckold heard the noise from the key chain and his body was tighten. I took the key and put it into the lock on the chastity. 
I told him to use his girly sissy voice if he was going to talk to me, and he had to ask me for permission to come, or other things.

I put the chastity on the table beside me, and started to slowly touch his frenulum. It had been locked in so long now, but I had already foreseen this so for 20 minutes ago, I had taken a bite from a banana and in that bite I had placed a smashed viagra. I kissed cuckold and shared the banana and he could not say no, he never know why I do special things, but he cant say no. And often there is a point behind what I do.

So this resulted in a stiff cock, a bit quicker than it is expected after a long time locked in.

I slowly put my mouth over his head, and pressed my mouth down on the shaft. My tongue was playing with his cock as my wet warm mouth moved up and down. My fingers was plying with his ass and my other hand where on his balls. He moaned and pulled his arms, but they where all tied up, so he was stuck. 

My mouth was moving faster and I could taste his pre-cum in my mouth. I know exactly what he goes crazy from so I kept going. He started to beg me to let him come, to allow him to reach the climax. I of course told him no. I calmed down my movement until I noticed he had control again. I started up again with my hands and mouth and it did not take long before his body yet again started ti shiver and I had to slow down my movement and remove mu mouth from his cock. 

I got the small dildo I had taken down with me, and as I was sitting between his legs at this time I took my tongue all the was from his ass hole to his frenulum in one stroke. I did this a couple of times and Then I put my finger who was already full of lube inside his ass. When his ass was lubed up, I took the dildo and slowly putted it against his hole. He moaned and pressed his body agains my hands. The dildo entered the ass hole nice and slow and expanded it.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

He was laying on his back, half sitting in the sofa. His cock was still without the chastity, and when the dildo entered his hole once again and I started to move it faster I put my mouth over his cock once again. He started to make small screams and begging to me to allow him an orgasm. No was still my answer, and I cant help it, I have to smile when I tell him no. I have a little devilish twinkle in the eye, a crocket smile and I just love this. 

The dildo moved slower as I felt cuckold was far out on the climax edge. His legs was shivering, his moans was shaky and his back was bent in an odd position.

I edged him up twelve times, before I let him rest. I fetched him some cold water and put an ice cold cloth on his cock. He screamed out as the cold cloth surprised him. The stiff cock, was small and released in no time, so I put the chastity back on. kissed the cage, and the cock reacted agin at once, he still have the viagra in his body. The cage was squeezing the skin, and wanted to press itself out. but the chastity sat all locked on and would not move.

I kissed him before I removed the blindfold. Sorry you missed your tv show I said as I stood up again.
I could se he still was horny, and I could read the frustration in his eyes.
I looked at the chastity, smiled at cuckold and went up to the bedroom again with the blindfold and rope.

I love to play around with my cuckold, and I love to see his frustration and control. I love to be a Hotwife.



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