Yesterdays fun night

Well the Sunday is here, and so am I :)
Had a good time yesterday, first the club with my girls then some sex at the end. 
Already at the bar there was a few guys taking contact but somehow non of those interested me. Even if I am a slut, I am only slut for the one interesting me. I choose myself who can touch and who do not. If anyone go too far without my wanting they will notice. Both of my girls had been looking for company, but just one of them had found one. They disappeared for a few minutes, or maybe it was about 30 minutes or so. Even after this disappearing they sat and kissed and touched so they was not finished for the night.
Around midnight cuckold got me from the club and drove me to the hotel. My girls came along for the ride and on the way to the hotel we dropped them off where they where suppose to be.

I came into the hotel room where my cuckold already had been with a few things.


Bull sat in the sofa as I entered the room. I walked over to him and he pulled me down and gave me a good long kiss.
I put my hand on his cock and it was hard and pulsating.
I got up again and found the way to the bathroom. Got my other cloths and took a quick shower to freshen up.

All done I went back out, and there my cuckold had made bull even more ready for me. I smiled and told my cuckold to get down on his knees and look down at the floor.
Bull got the vibrator egg, walked over to me and pushed me in-front of him. Bull loves ass and as I stood in front of him, he pushed to bend over. He used his hands to open my butt cheeks and placed his head deep between them. I felt he started to lick and taste me and I let out a deep moan. 


My pussy started to pulsate as I felt his tongue and mouth was playing with my ass hole. Bull lifted his hand up to my clit and lay the vibrating egg against my clit. My legs started to shiver and not long after my hole body was shaking. 
My knees was almost giving in as I held fast to the chair in front of me. 
I love for my ass to be used, and the orgasm I get from there, is fantastic. the warmth  inside me exploded as I entered the climax with a scream. My orgasm rushed through my body and the pussy juice run out and made me all wet warm and ready for a huge BBC.
And this was just the start of the evening.

Today it is Sunday and I just came home, I am a bit tiered after tonight. My cuckold is making me a warm bath with lavender oil and some candles around the room ready for me. and after the bath I will get a light massage and cream on hole my body. 
After a night and a morning with a lot of fun, my pussy and ass is well used and my hole body need some love and care. 

Have a perfect Sunday evening all you out there. Make it naughty and kinky.



  1. Helt utrolig å lese dine opplevelser. Du behandler mannen din helt riktig. Deilig å se hvordan du nyter ditt sexualliv, tror det er fantastisk.


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