Got myself a birthday gift

I had a serious episode in my life this summer, and fall. And sorry to all of you who was following me on this blog. I have been away for a few months now, but now I am back 
I hope you all will read and follow me in my life in the future. 
I had birthday this summer and as a birthday gift i got myself a fantastic latex cat suit from Fantastic rubber, and this web site I can really recommend. Fast, good respons and absolutely fantastic product! click the link and see all the fantastic things they got! I want all in this place

I took the whole latex suit with no zipper, or its only zipper sits in the croth. It have neck opening.
To take it on, we needed a lot of latex oil and I had my cuckold to help  me to take it on. This is not the easyest cat suit to put on when you do it alone, it is best with 4 hands.
I love to feel the latex on my skin. I can feel the soft thigh feeling. My body gets hot and my pussy gets easy horny. I feel the sexy strokes from fingers or hands on my latex covering …

Looking for places

Just another day in the woods, sun has been up and the warmth in the air has kissed my body many times today.
Sissy took some photos of me and beside that we have been looking for some places we can do some photo shoots or some meetings. 
Or maybe a place to tie up my cuckold for a few ours while he is blindfolded and I`m playing around as a wood nymph.

I had myself an orgasm of course. it is just so sexy to get the climax out in public.

Is there anything you readers wanna have a closer look to in my life, please let me know :) always fun to hear what you guys are interested in:)


Fuck the ass hole Mistress

Just sitting in the sun, checking out hotels in Oslo. In about one week I am planning a bit fun. Any interested? :)

Well with that in mind... I am checking what cloths to wear and what toys to bring. I have got some l rubbers and different lubes.
 Until then, I wish for sun so we can use the sea and the beach. Hopefully I get myself a public play as well.

But enough of that, more to come. 

Yesterday I had a playdate with my cuckolds ass hole, and believe me, it got used. I took on me my strap on harness and started with the black dildo, then the tan one and the new blue dildo at the end.

Just got to love that one, and it was soft as well as stiff. Had to refresh the lube on this dildo pretty much, but beside that, I really recommend it.

As I made my cuckold ready for being used, I pushed him down on the bed on all four. I gave him a hard slap on the butt cheek and then I split his butt so his newly waxed ass hole become available.
I slowly pressed the cock head in the opening, he moaned loud…

My ass gonna have a blast tonight

I stand on all four in bed, my ass point strait up into the roof. My hands are all tied up and so are my feet. I cant see a thing , my eyes have blindfold on them. I listen to the sounds around me, trying to figure out who of my regular are here tonight.

A hand takes a good grip in my hip and I am pulled backwards. I let out a moan and as I do that I feel a warm hard pulsating cock against my ass hole. I throw my head backwards and presses my butt against his crotch.

I can feel my ass hole expand as the cock widens me out. OMG what a thrilling feeling. He started to move in and out and I let out small moans as I feel the rush going through my body. I shiver and the sweat comes out on my back as the cock enter his whole length inside me.  Cuckold comes over to us, sit down on his knees beside me. Bull tells him to make me scream for him, and cuckold takes his finger on my clit as Bull fucks me hard. I start to scream and my body is shaking. I pull my tied up hands but I am stuck.
My orgasm…

Like a wood nymph

The warm breeze rushes through the trees and make a small weezing sound.. I close my eyes and just listen. I stand there, nude in the woods. I listen for foot steps, for branches to break. I feel the bark from the tree against my skin. My hand is held high up in the air. I pull a bit in my arms, they are stuck.
The handcuffs rubs against my wrist as the robe held them up. The sound of the metal rubbing against the rock under my feet breaks the silence...

I get aware of a sound behind me.. some branches breaks and I try to turn around so that I can see... It is quiet again.. 
I can feel the little air once again stokes my skin softly.
My blond hair lay down on my back as I look up to the air, checking the ropes I am tied up in.

A hand softly places it self on my hip and I can feel someone breath down in my neck. I stand there feeling like the wood nymph from Norwegian storys. About the young looking girl/woman, naked in the woods. A sexual creature, lures men into redemption, for love and s…

My ballet shoe tips and training, Hotwife style

Well as I have promised I tell you a bit how the practices for my ballet shoes walking is going.

I have 4 pair of ballet shoes now. One of them was a bit big, so we tried to repair them our self. We filled with som stuff on the toe area, but unfortunately we got a bit much, so we have to remove some of it again.
 Another shoe went a bit far over to the front, so we are talking about how we can grind the end of the heel to make it more stabil. Will fill you inn on this project when I have tested it out a bit more.  Now I talk about the ballet shoe with the heel

Another thing I found out was to wear the silicon toe tip from,

It made the walking so much easier. It made the toe less sore from balancing on it, and it made the toe part more sticky so you did not "crash" into the bottom of the shoe. And believe me... it helps

I bought some cheep one...they where about ok to use, but not to much help, then I bought the more expensive one, and they did their job pretty good…

I get BBC fucked, and my sissy gets a real humiliation night.

I smiled at my cuckold. He stood there on the floor. His little Sissy clit was newly shaved and the chastity was back on. His latex maid outfit was on and the same was the corset real tight. I prepped him to make sure he did what my Bull wished for.

Then the time was here, and Bull knocked at the door. I opened and my sissy stood behind me, his hands on his back ready to serve.
For us this meeting was the first time I met this Bull. We have had him for a long time on snapchat, and we also have him on SDC.
I have seen picture of him, and what I saw coming in the door was even better than the photo. 

I stood in front of him, turning around as I saw his hard nice BBC standing strait up into the air... I was already horny, just by looking at him...
He told me to get on the bed, put my as up and show him what I could offer. As I stood there, he had come up behind me. His hand started to feel my butt cheek, gave it a few slaps and then he pushed me further into the bed.
Then he laid back into the…

Can´t wait for my cuckold to meet my Alpha BBC

I sit her looking at my Phone, and I have just planed a meeting, a real BBC.
Now the plan is in order and the hotel is booked. He is a real Alfa, and I cant wait for my cuckold to get a bit reality check. And of course my desire for that big black cock penetrating both my ass and pussy, and maybe I let my cuckold get a taste too. 
Keep following and you will have the story and pictures soon. 

I wish for my Bull to show my cuckold how I deserved to be fucked, how a real man do that. To taste his big black cock deep in my throat.
I long for placing my cuckold on the floor, make the cum from bull that is placed deep inside me, run out from my holes and cover cuckold face, make him clean me up. Eat all the cum Bull can provide. I just love to see cuckold eat cum and he need to show me he really enjoys it. 

My cuckold should really have his thank you speech ready, It is a mater of course Bull deserve it after a real fucking of this slutty wife. Cuckolds night sleep depends of it ;)

Looking forwa…

Shibari practices in plain sight

We just started to practices bondage/Shibari and when it is finally summer, what is better than to test it out outside. 
We looked at a nice website we got recommended from one of the blog readers. I just loved it so I feel like sharing it with you.
take a look at The duchy it is really good.
As I said, I or we are pretty new at this. I give cuckold instructions on what my desire for the bondage is, and then it is his job to find something I will like to test out. At the end of the session he gets a grade for the rope bondage choice, and a grade for implementation.

This one was the unchastity belt. 

Yet again out in the open air I walked around in the wood, looking for the perfect tree to test out.
And we found it. We got the handcuffs and foot cuffs on me, the unchastity belt was already made, and let me tell you... The car trip out here, with that rope nod om my clit... I was so insane horny.
You see the small rope nod on the bottom there? It was real good on my clit.

It slowly moved across…

A day in Nature,I am back from the silent corner.

Well I am back... It has been summer and I had a lot of play plans and so on. It has been something but not as much as I wanted. Sometime it happensthings , and so it did for me...
The summer is still here and so I am. 

The rest of the summer will be like I want my life, sex, play and nice sexy big cocks. 
Yesterday we went to the river, to take a bath, some pictures and guess what? sex...

The air is hot and I feel the light breeze against my skinn. I like to stretch my arms into the air and let the nature se me, and if the forrest have  a visitor that sees me too, well that is just exiting. I am a exhibitionist.

I sat down, took on me my ballet shoes. This was an uneven surface so a bit hard to walk on, but what can I do with no practice? So I took my shoes on and held my hand on the rock and started walking. A bit shaky, but with a big smile and a lot of laughter. Whats life with no testing. And BTW i started to use silicon pad for toe tip, bought on Balletshop to use inside the shoes. I…

Planing the night

I am gonna try the new Fancy Steel chastity belt on my cuckold tonight and he is spending his first night in his new sissy clit outfit. Gonna use the next days to test it out and get you guys a review. 

But do you know what is fun when it comes to chastity? To tease him up, to let him play but never score. Tonight I am going to get some orgasms and cuckold is really going to be tested. Wanna hear my plans? 
I have several ideas for tonight, like massage wand on the metal plate, self made orgasm, cuckold need to make me come hard and laud. Just as a Hotwife is suppose to be.

And BTW .... Today I got my silicone toe protectors for my ballet shoes. I tested it out at once and wow, they where perfect. They took all the weigh from a few toes and put it on more toes and on the foot it self. 
Let me test it a bit more and I will come with more info to you.

New shoes

Yay today I got my new shoes! Ballet shoes , ankle high. Now I have The knee high and the ankle.

I have a lot to learn about walking in these shoes, I will take you on the journey with me. Anyone have any tips feel free to share with me and us here on the blog. 

I have got some tips already, it is to tape your feet with sport bandage and use the toe protector. You can get the toe protector in two different types, jelly and silicon.

I await my new silicon pads myself then I will walk even more around in the woods, on asphalt or other places.
One of my goals for this summer is to master this walk pretty good. I noticed that a little break from walking in these shoes, make you want to practise a bit more again. But the shoe itself are sexy, and you feel a special kind of pride walking in them.

My new shoe today also have the lock on it and it is actually a bit taller , pointier than the one I have from before.

Follow me here and I am sure we together will learn to use them properly, both to wa…

National NO panties day

As some of you might know... yesterday was the national no panties day. Many of you went through with this ?
I did... But then again... I never wear panties.
22. of June is the national no panties day, so this day you can drop the panties. Mine was of-course celebrated with no panties, skirt and luckily for my skin there was sunny.

Many people use no panties this day, but for some this is a chance to also wear the open crotch panties, like a half marking of this day. But still sexy and pretty hot. I do not have any open pantie actually... maybe that is something to put on my list
When we talk about list... I have order so many new things this summer. Dresses, costumes , massage staffs, tongue vibrator, shoes, vibrator cup wand attachment, latex mask, latex cat suit, corset, micro bikini, and of course the new sissy chastity belt.
I will test out all of these things, and of course get some new photos, keep following and you will get lots of reviews and tips and tricks . And of course some s…

Instruction for an orgasm

I found a paper and my pen. I sprayed it with my perfume and made a kiss mark from my lipstick on the end of my writing.
I looked down at it and smiled, I stood up and put the letter by the counter in the hallway.

Part one is pretty easy, if I make it easy. And of course I do, I want this orgasm. I walked around in my skirt in the kitchen when cuckold came home. I heard him take the note, and then I heard his step towards me.
He came up behind me, put his arms around me and kissed me in the neck. Then he started his assignment. his hand wondered up under my skirt, found my clit and started the circular movement. I placed my hands on the table in front of me, while Cuckold switched from fingers to tongue.

While I stood there, with my eyes closed and mouth open, cuckold started to open my pussy with his fingers. Slowly putting two fingers inside me. Widen my pussy hole and I took a deep breath.

His fingers moved in and out, slowly at first then faster. His tongue kept up the paste and I coul…

New plans

I have decided.... From Tomorrow and at least 1 week, depends how fun this will be. I will make one "game" or thing every day to tease up my cuckold. Like notes, around the house, play instructions.... Well can not wait. 

I am sitting here now, planning the day tomorrow. It is all about a note with instruction. Really looking forward to test it out. 

My cuckold are at work, fully unaware of my plans, but I think he might understand quite quickly what I am doing.
If anyone of you got any ideas for me to do with him, or for him or for my self, let me know :)

Have a great day and night everyone. Stay kinky and plan something fun for or with you partner, that is how the relationship always will get better.