Making ready for a Saturday night with my girls and....

I have had some very busy days now, and luckily it calms down now.
Well I am sitting her all dressed up, I am going out with my girls. Later tonight after some fun, I am gonna meet my regular Bull for some sex fun. 
Not sure yet if I am gonna go alone with him or if I am gonna find myself another one to join. Sometimes there is nothing at all out there on the town, and other time there is. 


It is a bit cold tonight so I take on me my knee high boots, but to put on panties... No thank you:) I am a slut, and I always go without panties. 
Deep cleave but I use small pieces of tape on my boobs and my shirt stays on for as long as I want.

My tape, got from Lille frekke web shop
Absolutely love this tape, it makes it possible to wear whatever I want wherever I want. And a deep cleave is sexy, on dress, shirt or whatever.

But anyhow, now I am sitting here with a glass of wine with my two girls. Cuckold is dressed up in maid, chastity and serves us cold drinks. My girlfriends just love to start our night out here with my, with my cuckold fixing everything for us.

Let you know tomorrow, what happens tonight. Have a great Saturday night all of you.



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