The evening with BBC

You know what the best of yesterday was? I got bull visiting . The hours  was suddenly gone for me and I was occupied for a long time.
It is way too long since last time.
I put on my fishnet stocking and the black little dress. I found my metal butt plug and lubed it ready before I put it in my ass hole.


We started the evening with some shibari training, this was a fun start on the meeting. My hand was tied up in my back and my dress was slowly lifted up by my bull. His finger played with my clit and I felt I was getting wet and I moaned  loudly 
Right before I was getting to my climax, he slowed down on his finger movement. He fetched the vibrating egg and lay it down on my clit as he opened my pussy and put his finger inside.

I was closing in to my climax again and then he stoped again. 
" you have to wait little slut" he said smiling.
He took my hands and we went over to the bed, I lay down and looked at him coming closer with his BBC standing strait as a soldier.
I opened my mouth, took the cock inside. My tongue circled around on the head while my mouth went up and down the shaft, I could taste his pre-cum.

As I was tasting the delicious BBC, my cuckold was getting my as and pussy warm and ready with his tongue. 
I looked Bull into the eyes and whispered "fuck me"
"Beg me nicely" bull responded, and of course I did, I wanted to be fucked hard.

"On your knees" Bull said as he moved down to the end of the bed. I turned around on the latex sheet and held on thigh while I could feel he grabbed my hips. 
One hard stroke from bulls hand on my butt cheek and I moaned loudly. "Thats my slut" bull said and gave me one more slap before he pressed the big black cock inside my ass. OMG....I just love to be ass fucked. To feel the big size expand my ass and press my hole out.


With all that pre play and so horny I already was, I only took minutes before I got to my first climax. I grabbed the latex sheet with my fingers and my body was shaking and warm all over.

We held on for 5 hours ... I was actually quite shaky when we where finished. I got up from bed, Bull and I got into the shower, while cuckold changed the bed sheets
All clean and fresh I went back to bed and lay down, said goodbye to Bull and cuckold followed him to the door.
I closed my eyes as I lay there, my body was tiered and I was a bit shaky.

Cuckold came back to me, I opened my eyes and looked into his. I opened my arms and cuckold came to me, lied down in my arms with his head on my chest, then he put his arms around me and I smiled to him. I cuddle myself into his arms, and told him how much I love him. He is my world, my safety and my home. I want him, I need him and I will always be his wife.
The love I feel for this man is huge, and so is his love for me.

To live this life together  as we do... it is special and it is freedom. It make the trust we have to each other from another world. We have it all.

I sometime got posts, mail, snap and so on from others couples and everyone of them tells me of the same bond, the same trust and understanding. Just got to love it.
Well I am off to eat some late dinner, cuckold made me a pizza. so now its pizza and movie time. 
have a nice Wednesday all of you.



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