Our national day

I got to the pc today, and what do I see, The blog from yesterday have not been published... Not quite sure what was happening here, but here it is :) 

Then we have had our countrys national day, i wore my national costume, panties free. It was sunny, warm and a lot of Norwegian flag where ever I lay my eyes. 

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

After the parade, we got some friends over for some lunsj. A bull came also, even no one of the friends knew who he was. just as we where finished eating, I told Bull i needed his help with a program on my pc, could he help me out?

But of course it was not a pc program that needed help, it was me and my hunger for cock. I pulled him into the bedroom, pushed him down in the bed, lifted my skirt and clime on top of him. He was already hard, as I slowly sat down on top of him. he took some snaps of me and sendt them to cuckold who sat with our friends outside. 

I ride him to both me and him moaned our orgasm at the same time, and I become so warm. he national costume is so big, full of wool and so hot. But cant go a whole national day without fucking in it can I? I am a slut and I want to try all types of fucking.

Back to the others I had saved some sperm in a little bag, I fetch cuckold some crackers, put some cum on top of them and went outside.
"Hey darling, I forgot to give you your crackers I promised you"
I smiled as I saw he looked at the crackers with the fresh cum on top of it.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

I saw our friend looked at the cookie, but I just kissed cuckold on his mouth and gave him the crackers.

You get no more fun than you make yourself, that is completely true, and I live by that.

Congratulations on he national day all of you in Norway and to all you others happy happy Friday, keep it naughty.



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