Cinema meeting

finally the evening is here, and I am all ready to go out. I am going to a cinema, going to see John wick, chapter 3. I hope some of you who read this was here, imagine what I was doing while you was occupied by the story.

Bull came over to me some time before the movie started. I put the butt plug inside me, that makes the play a bit more fun. 

We sat down on the chair, I was wearing a short skirt with no panties of course. 

I took bulls hand and put it under my skirt, I was ready already before the movie started. Ha sat there all quiet, had his hand placed over my pussy. Holding still, and I could feel his fingers shiver. It was dark in the room, and there was many people there. 

I placed my head back on the chair, and bull started to move his fingers. I took my hand over to bulls pants and I could feel his big hard cock under there. I took a deep breath and open one button, then another one. I pressed my hand in his pants, and found his hard soft cock pulsating against my hand.

I moved my hand up and down, slowly and soft, then a bit faster and with a bit harder grip. He draw a deep breath and I did the same. I saw the chase on the screen, just as I closed my eyes. I bit my lip and a warm feeling rushed through me, I let out a small moan and I was so horny. I let my fingers slowly move down to his balls as he pressed his finger inside my pussy hole.

I sat there, eyes closed, biting my lip as the first orgasm rushed through me. the sound of the movie was gone. all I could hear was my own pulsating breath.

At the end of the movie, I went happy and shaky outside. My hand and my mouth still had cum rests and I could still taste him in my mouth. This was a risky thing to do, but we where horny, lucky with the seat we got, and it is something special with the public. Something exiting and forbidden. 
Just love the cinema :)

have a nice and naughty night all of you.



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