A Mistress edging

Hello all of you sexy people. This is a good Tuesday and instead of my edge my cuckold plan, I decided to edge my self. I was horny, or...well I an always horny. They say blondes have more fun.. I do not know, but all I know is that I have a lot of fun ;)

Cuckold came home from work today, he was tiered but my plan for him was quite calm so he didn’t have much to say. 
I sent him into the shower and as he was cleaning up I made myself ready, and found the rope for cuckolds hands.

I put him on his knees, hands tied on his back and the gag in his mouth. 

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The picture is taken with the latex mask so you can see the gag and not his face. I just love him with this gag. And when he gets turned on or in despair, he moans and drools over himself. He gets embarrassed when he notice his drooling, but he cant stop it.

I put myself in the bed strait in front of him. I had put on me my white cat suit and my thigh high boots, music and then I split my legs apart so he could look right into my pussy. I was already wet, my fingers knew where to touch. I place the finger slowly towards my pussy lips, made it go between the lips and felt the warmth against my skin. My other hand vent to my clit and started the small circular movement i get so turned on by. I started to moan and it did not take long before I was getting close to my climax. I stoped and took a deep breath, twice. Then I did it all again, a little faster and even more wet and warm. my pussy juice was all over my fingers, so I putted the fingers inside my mouth, tasting myself. hmmm wet horny taste. I took my fingers down again, making them all wet before I took my fingers and swiped they across cuckolds face. Making the taste and smell from my pussy stick on his face and entering his nose.

After a few more edging this way I got the white dildo beside me. licking it and moaning as I was looking forward to feeling it expand my hole. Make it press itself deep inside me.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

I felt the dildo moving inside me, at the same time as I heard my cuckold drool and moaning. It made me even more horny, and I throw my head back as my climax was closing in.

I stoped once again, and my breath started to race as my body calmed down again. Then I put my finger in my ass, moved the dildo and moaned highly. I felt the warmth rushes through my body and my legs was tingling. The orgasm was hard and heavy and my scream made the cum run out of the little unused sissy clit my cuckold calls dick. the chastity was filled with white, warm and sticky cum. He looked shameful down in the floor, he knew there will be punish for him now. I did not allow him to come.

I stood up from the bed, grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. I took the cum from the floor in my hand, and nicely placed in his face. Then I spitted at his chastity, on his pitiable little sissy clit.

I walked over to our play room, pulling him after me with a firm grip in his hair. He was coming after me, walking on his knees.
I opened the door, took out the whip and licked it before I smiled down to him there he sat on the floor. I saw his eyes, and he knew what was coming next.

Too bee a Mistress have its benefits, and there is a lot of fun things to do. I love to be Mistress for my sissy and my cuckold. I love him and I love the trust and control I have in my possession.

Have a lovely, kinky and sexy night. 



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