I am a Hotwife and I am normal

Hello all of you out there, now I have had my blog for some months, and I must say I love to share some of the things that is going on in my life. Some days it can be a bit hard to get pictures on this kind of blog, not all want to be on photos here. Somedays it is a bit hard because of the place I am at. I have a job, where I have a lot of contact with different kind of people, and even in 2019 you can`t be what you like in our society. There isn’t always room for being a Hotwife. I am a Hotwife 100% and I even wear no panties under my skirt at work, I tend to wear latex in public, I wear fishnet stocking on ordinary daytime and high heels is a must of course.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

But then I think... By going like this, love to fuck and test out different aspect in sex, Play and dominate my man. How does that hurt or even disrupts other people? The persons who do not like this side of sex...do they have to care what I like?
Sometimes I think maybe those who scream the most is the one most curious? The ones talking about the "neighbours" as the swingers with whispering voice, do you not think they find that life exciting? maybe intimidating? That they are curious?

I really hope that someday it is ok to have other desire than what people think as "normal"
To like BDSM, bondage, Mistress, slut, sissy, strap on play and what ever you are into. 
Just to put thing in perspective... for just a few years ago you where send to madhouse, asylum for being into BDSM. They though there was a brain disfunction... In some country there is still not acceptable to perform BDSM or other "unusual" things.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

I look normal, I have a normal job, I have normal friends, normal handbag. It is "normal" for everyone who looks, beside in my handbag there is always a condom, dildo, lube and abdomen napkins. Under my cloths there is nothing or sexy lingerie always, and maybe I have a bruise or two after sex. I might even go with sex toys inside me, or choker, or my cuckolds chastity key. 

Well anyway I am off to my normal day, and no day without anything kinky ;)



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