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Make me a cum slut

I just love cum, and the feeling of it.
The cum has a big chance of tasting what you eat/ drink, over time. Salty, sweet, bitter, metallic, sharp and sour is some of the taste you can get.
The chemical compounds of what you eat daily, can change the chemical compounds in the cum. The Semen can have unique difference in flavor, but generally it is warm and salty.

If you get a semen that smell and taste musky and bitter, you might eat a lot of: 
- Garlic
- Onions
- Broccoli
- Cabbage
- Leafy greens
- Asparagus
- Meat and dairy products

If you like the semen to taste a little more tolerable/nice. More tolerable does not mean your semen will taste sweeter, it will only cut down the absence of bitterness.  You can eat things like: 
- Celery
- Parsley
- Wheatgrass
- Cinnamon
- Nutmeg
- Pineapple
- Papaya
- Oranges

I have tried this out , I put my cuckold on different diets. The best taste for me was about 1 liter pineapple juice everyday for 1 week or more. The cum tasted sweeter, and I could actually taste a …

A Sex dream from a burning house

I woke up...Yet again I had that dream of my cuckolds buddy. He is so hot...
I felt so horny after my wet, desirable dream... OMG.. The time is only 3 o`clock but I can not wait... I shake my cuckold pretty hard, he sleeps deep at least at this time. "Honey...I am so horny...I had that dream again" He mumble but tried to wake up.
I got his hand and took it down to my pussy. As soon his warm fingered touched my pussy, he woke up for real. His fingers started to do their job. "Ahhh I dreamt about Alex again" I said... My cuckold saw how horny I was. "You need to get him to me darling, I want his dick and body" "What was your dream Mistress, let me try to focus your pleasure when you tell me about it" And here it is:

I was standing inside my house, it was midnight and I only wore my red lingerie. The house was on fire, and I could not get out. As I was wondering what to do, Alex came out of the smoke. He had his firefighter`s dress on, uniforms are so sex…

Question and replays from our readers

As a Hotwife you get a lot of different question. I though I should answer some of them here. A few other question I will use a new post on for they take a bit more space to answer. Like the question: "How do i find a Hotwife"... Well that one will I do a new post on.

Question 1: How long do you keep your cuckold in chastity.
- Well, it depends... from 1 week to 3-4 months. But he needs to ejaculate about 1 time each mont if not edged up, but if he get a lot of teasing he needs more ejaculation. He is a trained Sissy, so he can have anal orgasm if I play with him or tell him to do it him self. That can be done even when he is in chastity.
He can even wear an extender cock/dildo outside his cage and fuck me. Then I get fucked and he do not get the feeling, just the pleasure of pleasing me.
He needs to shave, wax and wash his cock. I feel 2-3 time a week is a good time interval. I unlock him, and his hands is always tied on the back. (no self touching) I shave, wash and wax him, a…

Public play in the restaurant

I am that type of woman that wanna try it all. I can not say I am not into it, before I have tried it myself. I have done a lot of things but I have so much more I would like to do. I wanna play with girls, couples and shemale. I wanna travel more, have more gangbang, go on visit to people, clubs , cottage trips, and btw we got some interesting invitations for a cottage trip this summer. Things like that is perfect to meet new people. And do new things ofc. And in all those things I wanna do or do more of... There is public play too.

Public play is fun, to tease and get noticed. I remember one time. Me an my cuckold was going to Nodee Sky restaurant in Oslo. We where gonna meet some friends of us. Not from this lifestyle,  it “normal one” guess we all have some of those friends.  I had dressed up in my lacquer dress and ballet shoes. I love wearing those public, and I am gonna . Just as we where heading out of the house, we got a snap, My bull wanted a fuck tonight. We told him to meet u…

Blow job as a halftime show

To find new ways to make blow jobs is fun. I was sitting one day, thinking of men. What do men like....Well to make a small list...
1. Get a blow job...
2. Sexy outfit...
3. Cold Beer in his hand...
4. Sport on tv...
How about make them 4 things come together...I once again smiled and made myself a plan... 
My plan is to leave him ( I am talking about my Bull off course, but I will refer to him as him in this post) a quivering , moaning wreck...So looking forward to it
Let us jump into the details...(Feel free to try this out at home)

This is a basic level blow job, the technique is crazy simple...I shall give him a blow job halftime. A regular blow job is an excellent way to make your man spent halftime, his two favorite thing at once sex and sport. Waiting for team to come back.
But there is some killer things you can do for making it special.

There is always important to start with a build up. So I want to start even before the game even begins... I gonna get him his favorite beer.. Well a b…

To be a /an anal slut, tips and tricks

This is just one of my favorite topics! Anal play. I am a real anal slut. Guess you understood that by reading yesterdays story . 
I just love that penetration feeling.

I also love to wear butt plugs and I never get enough of them. Love to have that sexy feeling every place I am. Family dinners, work, the shop, night clubs , no place not to wear it.

A butt plug is one of the best gifts I can Get. I guess you saw my new putt plug in yesterday’s story?
I have gotten some gift through the years, and I see no problem for it. I do give gifts back.  Pictures, films for example. These can be used for personal use or on a profile or what the person like to use it for.

But enough of that...
Anal, Training, convincing, play, rinsing and so on. Wanna get my get them here, and if you have tips or something else do leave a comment or send me a message.

Some one loves anal and some hate it. Someone is unsure about it and some do not even admit they have the thought about it. No one know if ana…

Me, as the anal slut I am

At this moment I just have put my new butt plug in. It is a gift from my Bull who is coming over tonight. This butt plug is an appreciated gift, and it to wear all day. I always wear my gift for the Bulls who got it for me. They get pictures and movies in private mail and I ofc use it when i meet them in person.
Just look at my ass...Shining and ready for his dick.

I hear my Bull is entering the house. I feel joy. At last I will feel his dick in me again. I need a real dick now. Not the dildos and cuckolds fingers. But a real hard stiff Cock. A BBC.
Without any more hesitation, ( I will only call him Bull for he will not have his name here) he went over to me, put his hand around my waist , kissing me hard. I felt his dick was already hard thought his pants.
Cuckold was coming toward us. He had just got a message from Bull to remove his cloth, and make his dick ready. “Your wife is gonna taste real dick tonight Sissy” He kept on going. Was looking at cuckolds chastity. “Look at this small…

Freedom from chastity and a sissy orgasm

My cuckold sat on his knees before me, in slave kneeling position. I walked around him, looking down at him. He was keeping his eyes down to the floor, like a slave for his Mistress.

“You have been a good sissy and cuckold” I told him. “So tonight, for a while, you gonna be my slave. A free from chastity slave. “
I took the ropes from the floor. Sat down. Kissed his neck. Took the rope around the hands one time, then two times. Kept on kissing his neck , shoulder ,then I looked down on his hands. I collected both hands and tightened it. I bent down and Whispered in his ear, “your hands is tied up now, and they will be until you  beg me for untie them again. I will now unlock your chastity belt, so when you beg me to free your hands, the chastity will come back on. “
(I usually tie up his arms, or put him in handcuffs when I unlock him from his chastity belt, so that he has no chance to touch his small useless dick, his sissy clit)

I took his chastity in my hands, took the key from my ankl…

Winter Photo shoot outside in the snow

I was still thinking if my cuckold should get some time out from the chastity belt. He had behaved good, but was it good enough?
Well, let me think about it to after my photo shoot. Today I’m so looking forward to a winter cold public photo shoot. It is 9 degrees below zero, and quite chilly. But who cares...Not me
I got all dress up. in my black dress. Found my ballet shoes and a warm jacket.
We drove the car to an old bridge, it was close to a highway so we could get company while we where here. But who cares, I am an exhibition, så no running and hide.

I walk to the bridge, and it was a bit slippery at the snow and ice. I walked slowly and all went good. unfortunately, the sun had already went down by the mountain at this bridge, but I still loved the view. I looked out over the frozen river. The fog laying over it. It is fascinating. The  cold air rapped around me, licking my body and send some chills through me. I felt so free.

I looked at my cuckold, as we heard a noise. And just as w…

Fucking sissy with Strap-on

I send my Cuckold to the bathroom, to clean up, shave and look like the sissy he is. I found some red suspender with lace. Nothing does he know the is gonna taste the strap-on when he gets out.

I take on some sexy cloth and find my strap-op. The in control feeling I feel when I get that devise on is just amazing. It is freedom and power combined. (for you girls that has not tried this yet, start considering it... It is a blast of feelings)
I touch the leather crossing my body. See that black dick sticking out from me.  Feel the joy of the vibrating part against my pussy. I am eager to start and I touch my strap-on dildo, and moving my fingers around it.

My sissy Cuckold was coming out of the bathroom and walked into the bedroom. He stopped as he saw me standing there. Touching the dildo and myself. I just said 
"Inspection position."
He instantaneous put himself in it, and look down in to the floor.

I checked him out. Shavings, if his ass was clean, if the chastity belt was sittin…