Espresso house

Sunny weather and warm wind, perfect for a day out on a coffee "date". I am on my way to meet one of my girl friends on espresso house.
But one thing is...I have one of those very horny days. I have 6 out of 7 days like this and the last day, the 7th is also horny ;) 
I found my butt plug, lubed it in and went into the bathroom. I pulled up my skirt, slowly as I closed my eyes and imagine people was watching me. I let my hand wander up my thigh and end at my pussy.
I took my legs apart and bent forward, as I took the butt plug and opened my ass and let it slide inside me.


I walked over to my girl friend who already was there, and sat down. I sat my handbag on the floor beside my chair and I felt my butt plug vibrate as I sat down. I smiled and my friend just had to ask why I was smiling, she say she never know what is inside my crazy head.
"This funny thing is not inside my head" I responded.

We had been sitting here a while and just as I bent over to here to tell here something, a guy walked passed me. He kicked my handbag so it fell down. It opened itself and of course my vibrating egg, a rubber and a lipstick fell out. He bent down to pick it up as he apologised. His hand stopped at the egg, lifted it up and looked at me. I just smiled took it in my hand. "always prepared I said. He was red in all his face, too bad he was not my type or else I would ask him for a quick one at the toilet. 

After one coffee I got up and went to the toilet. Had no bull with me, but sometimes I only need me. I had been sitting so long with the butt plug and I was so horny. I felt my pussy tingle and I had to bite me lip all the time. My pussy juice is on my thigh and I cant wait for my bull to lick it up, after a visit on the cinema tonight. But before I go and make myself ready, I really need an orgasm.

I have no idea how to count every places I have had an orgasm, both alone and with some help. I recommend this hobby for all women and girls. I must say the mode is pretty good after a few times. 

Any ideas for new places for me to test out? Public is best.



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