All tied up in the dark

I feel the rush as I look at the bed, all made up and ready for play. The handcuffs is already stuck in the walls, and the latex sheet is on. The chain for the legs is nicely placed at the end of the bed. 
I look inside the box with my dresses, try to pick one to se. I choose a catsuit. 
Catsuit is easy to play in, and comfortable on. 

Cuckold came into the room, found the blindfold and took it on me. I sat on the bed, waiting for someone I do not know. 
I sat here for quite some time, and I could feel the tension building up in me. after some time, someone came into the room. slowly I felt cuckolds hands on my shoulder, and I heard a voice telling him to tie me up.
I lay down in the bed, let my hand be locked in the handcuffs. They where thigh, and my hands could not move.

My legs was taken apart and I heard the chain noise from another part of the room.
With a firm hand my ankle was locked to the chain. With my arms above my head and my legs wide apart, I was ready to be used.  I heard a noise beside my head and I automatic turned my head that way. As my head was on the side, a hand took a firm grip around my jaw and my mouth was opened. 
A hard stiff cock was put inside my mouth. He was big, and soft at the same time. I moaned as he slowly started to fuck me in the mouth. A hand started to play with my pussy and I bent my body towards it. I could hardly meet the hand, I was so tied up. 

I took a heavy breath, as my mouth still was filled with the big cock. Wonder if it is white or black, but anyway it was big. I could feel the veins on it touch my lips, making my spit run out of my mouth and down to his shaft.  
The hand on my pussy was making me moan for more and I could feel the climax was close.
I love the tingling feeling when the orgasm rush through my body as my mouth scream out my pleasure. 
I felt my legs started to shiver and my handcuffs started to make noise as I pulled in them. 
I tend use a lot of noise and this time was no different.

I get turned on by sound, and I hope I never will be with a Bull that is not making any sounds at all.

As my first orgasm calmed down. I could feel Bull continued his work on me. 

After 16 more orgasm I got a little break to drink some water, and I don`t even got fucked yet tonight. It has been used fingers, tongue, dildo, vibrator and you name it, but not live cock..
I still waiting in anticipation here, hope you do the same.

Water is gone but Bull is not, and now I see him.....

Let me tell you who it was tomorrow :)



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