Tempting cuckold?

Ahhh darling I am in need of care, you wanna find some cream for me and make my pussy all shiny and warm? I think it needs some massage and some care, 

Cuckold jumped up from the sofa, almost running to get the cream. When he came back I still sat in the same way as when he left. I told him to undress me and make me lay down in a good position. He was not hard to give a task today. He put a pillow under my back and two under my head. He to my legs apart and slowly started to take some cream on my pussy. He slowly started to massage my lips. 

I smiled to him, "I think my hole body are in need of some care" I fetched me some massage oil, undressed my blouse, and slowly started to massage my body. I saw he had started to get his hopes up. If he did take good care of me, maybe he was gonna be released today. Just as my plan where. Not to let him be free of the chastity, but making him believe he had a chance.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

He massage my body, and sometime in between he went back to my pussy. He started to massage my feet, at the same time as he place small warm kisses on my foot. I looked down on him, he sat and studied my nail polished, french manicure on my toes.

Pretend my toe is a bulls cock sissy, make me proud of you.

Cuckold took my big toe in his mouth, he started to move his tongue and he slowly started to suck my toe. "cant you do better?"
I spitted down on him, and He had to take his hand down to his crotch and straiten his chastity, his cock wanted to rise. "down boy" I told him. He ask me for permission to get some cold water for it, to get it down. I told him to get it down as he worked on me. He moaned and I saw he struggled to sit down. I bent down to him, took the chastity in my hand, pulled the cage as I spitted down at it.

Cuckold continued to work on my toes until I said he failed and really  had to show me something good.
He kissed his way up my legs, my thigh and ended up in my pussy. He started to kiss me and used his fingers on me. 

"stop, get a dildo" I told him. He was quickly up on his feet and came back with the big black dildo. He sat down took it in his mouth making it wet and warm, got the lube and was about to take it on my pussy.
"fuck yourself" I told him. Cuckold stopped, and hen looked me in the eyes. "good, keep looking into my eyes and go fuck yourself"
As he kept looking into my eyes, he took lube in hus own ass. pressed the dildo slowly in and I started to touch myself

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

He fucked that black dildo as the was the last thing he would do in this life. "give e that climax sissy" I told him as I spitted on his chastity once more.
He moaned and started to getting close to the climax. I could see his horny eyes and his shivering hands. He ask me to be allowed to come, and I told him no, I wanted him to make me see my climax not his. He screamed out and nearly missed his control.
"Do not stop, I want to see you as I get my orgasm" 
I looked him deep n the eyes, as he continued to press that dildo out and in his ass hole. I told him to turne around, I wanted to see him do a good job taking that black dildo.

I felt my climax coming and at the same time as I screamed my orgasm his body was shaking uncontrolled.
I lay there on the sofa, trying to catch my breath. stop fucking yourself sissy, take that dildo in your mouth and taste yourself before you go out to the kitchen and make me a sandwich, this orgasm made me hungry. 

"yes Mistress" he told me as he bowed in front of me, putting the dildo in his mouth as he was leaving the living room.  

I smiled as I lay there, all naked. He tough he was finished for the night? Then he was mistaken, I am in a devilish mood. 



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