The master of edging

New week, new possibility. 
Do not have the biggest plans this week...yet. Beside to tease cuckold a bit, and maybe a trip to the cabin the next weekend, but... it is snowing. Of all things it is snowing today, cold and windy.
So today the plan is to stay inside. 

I was thinking... why do not more guys train to keep their orgasm back. Let the women, or other men edge them a little. The orgasm is even more intense if you can hold back.

This form is called edging, peaking or surfing. It is a control sexual technique. This is a maintenance of a high level sexual arousal for a long time without reaching climax. 

pic from web
This picture explain my though pretty much on the spot. And step 1 is very important. Set aside time and privacy. Nothing ruins more than anxiety for disturbance. I would say at least 30-45 minutes, maybe it do not take that long, but best to have the time on your side. make things more relaxing and fun.

Step 2, lube. This is important because  you are gonna tease and use your genital much and actively. You do not want to be dry and skin sores.

Step 3, start with slowly movement. build yourself or your partner up. on guys the head and the frenulum is the most sensitive parts, so do you not have control over this yet, or are ready to come, stay away from those parts. 
Remember one of the goals are to be in control over your body, and its reactions.

Step 4, if you feel the climax coming, stop your movement or go back to stroking. Avoid to stroke fast before you master the edging. Even the masters can fail here.

Step 5, If you keep going when you are here your WILL come, even if you try your best to hold back. Stop touching there you are. Move your hand, for example to your balls, breast, thigh and so on. Some one like to think about their breath, and like my cuckold do, think about something you do not like ( my cuckold do not like gateau, so he imagine it, with a lot of candles on top) weird maybe, but it helps to control the urge to ejaculate. Importantly it is for you to find yours though to keep control.

Cuckold have some edging to tonight, and I just love to perform it on him. He do good, but even he can have the ejaculation when he are not allowed. This is called ruined orgasm, and for my cuckold it is very much embarrassing. The feeling from a ruined orgasm are not really satisfying at all. 
And if it happens... of course there will be punishment for him.

For all you out there who manage to do some edging, will have a greater physical sensation. Keep it up and training, you will get there and when you do.. You will thank me :)



  1. I love, love edging whether it be self edging or a woman is doing it, I just the frustration an edging session brings. I have a friend who controls my orgasms and she tells me when, usually everyday, and for how long, again, usually 90 minutes to two hours to edge for. The frustration and general horniness is incredible, I love Edging is far and away my favorite kink these days.


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