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A day in Nature,I am back from the silent corner.

Well I am back... It has been summer and I had a lot of play plans and so on. It has been something but not as much as I wanted. Sometime it happens   things , and so it did for me... The summer is still here and so I am.  The rest of the summer will be like I want my life, sex, play and nice sexy big cocks.  Yesterday we went to the river, to take a bath, some pictures and guess what? sex... © The air is hot and I feel the light breeze against my skinn. I like to stretch my arms into the air and let the nature se me, and if the forrest have  a visitor that sees me too, well that is just exiting. I am a exhibitionist. I sat down, took on me my ballet shoes. This was an uneven surface so a bit hard to walk on, but what can I do with no practice? So I took my shoes on and held my hand on the rock and started walking. A bit shaky, but with a big smile and a lot of laughter. Whats life with no testing. And BTW i started to use silicon pad for toe tip, bought on