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Restrained breakfast, while cuckold are at work

I stod in the bathroom, my body was wet from the shower. I took a towel and dried my self, and then I buttered som cream on my body. My cuckold had left for work and I made myself ready for my bull.  The doorbell rang and I opened it , in just my underwear. But guess what... It was not my bull it was Jehovas whiteness. They just stood there, looking at me and I told them I was not interested. As we stood there at the door, my bull drove in and stopped the car. He went out and at the same time a younger man got out of the car too.  “I brought a friend “ he said. I told him sure and kissed him before we went back in. The Jehovas Witness stood still outside the door, but started to walk as we closed it behind us. 

We went up in to the bedroom and my bull had a gift for me. From his bag he took a doggy style spreader and he showed it to me. He said he would like to restrain me , he got help from his partner and the sat me down. He started to touch me, felt my wet pussy with his hands and fin…

Free from chastity, but do NOT touch.

Today I removed my cuckolds chastity cage before he went to work. He put in “touching cock” in the counting app, so I could see how many times he actually did the task wrong. I know for a fact that he is gonna make some mistakes today, he easily forget not to touch when lock is off and no hands tied up. Today he got a hard challenge, and I’m exited to see how it goes. 
I had done the red little put plug ready for him today to wear at work. As soon as he had brushed his teeth and shaved his face, I told him to bend over. I took some lube and put my finger inside the butthole, and rotated slowly around, making the lube do its magic. I took the but plug, slowly put it under hot water, because the metal was cold, got some lube on it and put it in. 
I gave him a slap on the butt cheek, squeezed the balls a bit. He become tight in his face but he kept quiet. I let him go and told him to get dressed. Already 4minutes after he left home the first tick of touching came in. And the fool is, as fas…

Snapchat can be quite dirty

I have to laugh just thinking about my cuckold yesterday. I took 2 minutes before I got that pictures, and when I told him he knew he had gotten 1 stroke from the whip. I had chosen the bamboo whip this day, but cuckold do not know it before he comes home.  I was thinking if I should use handcuffs on him or not, I think I will take the lock off and make him wear handcuffs. 
But first I had to give him more assignments, before the work day was over. I told him, that every time he got a pictures from me on snap he should wait to open it u til he was NOT alone. I know so many jealous and “normal”people that shall and will hide when the open pictures that may contain “adult” content.  But not me, I can feel his nervousness all the way home to me and I love it. He needed to say to some at work : I think my wife send me pictures of a puppy we are babysitting and show the phone to that person when he opened the picture. Next photo, new person ,same sentence. He never knew when it was coming an…

Public orgasm at a concert

Monday yet again. I do not have many plans this week, so I think I have to play and tease my cuckold a bit. I’m thinking a meeting Saturday or Sunday had been good, after a week teasing a real cock is good. 
I am sitting here looking at cloths, I really need more latex.. I love latex, the smell, the feeling, the shiny.......

To dress in latex, feeling the tightness around my body. Feeling it takes over my body heat and follow my every movement. Some latex is easy to get on, and others more “sticky “ but when you get it on and make it shine.. it is so sexy. I like to go with latex in ordinary days, in ordinary stores and on visit. So I need more. I remember one time me and my cuckold was going on a concert, an I wore a latex pants. That pants is no more unfortunately, but the memory’s are still there. As I said we where going to the concert , and that day I had joy and laughter in all I did. I was teasing my cuckold all the time and made him a lots off assignment this day.  As we entered t…

Boys night whit beer, pizza and me. Part 2

I did not take long time before the guys wanted more beer. I took the basket, filled it with cold beer ant went back into the room. I got attention as soon as I got in the door. I opened the beer and took a new delivery round, the guys where a bit more on this time and as I went back out the fourth guy followed me. He told the others he needed to use the toilet. He followed me in to the kitchen, and as soon as we got in there he started to touch my ass. I turned around and gave him a smile, he was handsome. He was one of those I had been with before, and I knew what I had to expect.  I took his hand and walk into the bedroom. 
As soon as we got into the bedroom, he started to undress me. My butt plug was still in my ass, making me ready for anal sex.

I was thrown back into the bed, I felt the pulse increase. His mouth wandered from my neck and down to my pussy. I moaned and splitter my legs so he could do better, and I felt the tongue play with my clit. The tongue made the circles I love …

Boys night whit beer, pizza and me. Part 1

It is Friday and I’m home after a few days away. I will tell you about my days away tomorrow, a girls trip can always be fun.  My cuckold met me at the door and gave me a welcome home kiss. He had bough inbeers, pizza and crisps by message from me. I kissed him back and checked that the chastity was sitting as it should, and it did. The only thing is that I need to clean and shave him properly, I told him to get to the bathroom.
A few hours later my cuckold got four friends over, for beer and pizza. My cuckold had cleaned and fixed the extra tv room, and put all beer in the fridge. He was all ready so was I.
I heard them laughing and joking far out of the room, as I stood on the kitchen and was making pizza. I looked at the pizza, it was a few more minutes til it was done.  I got a basket and put five cold beers, and some spice in it. My heals was clicking on the floor and the warm air from the stove, stroke my skin as I stood there. In my tight, shiny black pants, my fish hole sweater an…

The art of dirty talk

I am not home today or tomorrow, so I do not have my cuckold to play with or tease. When I am away from my cuckold, I do a lot of dirty talk. Make him think of me, most of his time alone. Send a dirty text unexpected and a different ones, to different times. Let me share a bit of these dirty things with you.

If you are a this to your girl /boy or do it yourself. If you are a girl, DO it or show it to your partner. Dirty talk is so much more than what you first think of. Who 
doesn’t want a text “thinking of you and your hot body, 
can’t wait to hold it again” or something similar or more
directly as “ can’t wait to feel your tongue play with 
me tonight” or “wanna fuck your cock with my mouth”
We as a cuckold couple have our own sex phone. So if cuckold are at a business meeting or a boys night out, he might get massage to send me a nude, get a challenge from me, (the challenge story will come another time) or maybe I send one to him. Can be me playing with myself, me found myse…

App for keeping count off orgasms

You ever heard of the App called Counter +?
 It is an app we use a lot , and I really recommend it. We use that everyday , and it is so funny.

It is cuckolds job to take care of this app, and have it updated all the time. In the app, you can choose what to count. We have chosen to count my orgasm, cuckolds orgasm, anal orgasm, edging and ruined.
Everytime we have sex, play or something else my cuckold has to have the counting. He need to count my orgasm, as well as his own edging and so on. I have hold the count one time, and that was this new years eve, he had 19 edging. Why you might ask? Welcome to 2019 I said. OMG this night he had really problems in holding himself. 
He bit me, so I got big marks on my shoulder and upper arm. He twisted an turned and made sooo much noise. I let him escape mouth gag this time. I always heard you shal enter the new year with a big bang or a big noise. And he really did. 

And like this morning, I woke up to a orgasm. While I had been asleep, my cuckold h…

Prostate play on cuckold

I put my cuckold on his knees in front of me, wearing nothing. I told him to keep his eyes on the floor and don’t speak before spoken too. I put on my my sexy red and black shoes and fish hole stockings.

I vent in front of him, putting my foot between his legs. Pushed my shoes into his balls, he moaned. I went to get the gag, and put it on him. I sat down before him, and took his chastity in my hands. I spitted at the lock , a big wet spot. I moved his face backwards, spitted again and cuckold draw his breath heavily.  I made cuckold look at me, but not in my eyes. I started to remove my clothes.  My hand slowly unbutton the button in my pants, my hand went inside. You could see the marks of my hand inside the pants. Moving towards my pussy, and then I took it back out. I unbutton one more button, and one more. I fold aside the pants and you could see the top of my pussy. I let the pants down on the floor, pushed it aside. I once more went around my cuckold, letting my fingers touch his ne…