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Sunday employs

My regular Sunday activity if not meetings. Still some fever and still on the sofa but planning some fun activity this week I can handle. Just talked to my regular Bull and this week I will try out the new spray I got from Lille frekke.  Exited if this spray works, if I can take the cock even deeper into my mouth than I do before. I always train my deep throating, and often I do it daily when I brush my teeth.
I know many girls struggling to take the cocks far down in their throat, imagine if a spray could do so she or he for that case can take it even further in with less problem.

Just to think about it, makes me wet, and to see this pic make me want a cock to suck on. 
Just the feeling to have the cock in my mouth. To feel the hard shaft with the soft skin, the lines of the head and the blood veins. 
To press my mouth down so far that I feel it blocks my air and initiates refraction reflex. My mouth fills with spit and the taste of the pre-cum, mmmmm love it. This must be the perfect gi…

Sick day, but still a Hotwife

Today I woke up, ready in my head for a play day at home.... I woke up sick. Typical me...
But I told my cuckold to keep my mood up and gave him some tasks. 
I got my tiered body out of bed and down to the sofa, my cuckold came after with a pillow and a blanket.
I laid down and took a deep breath.
I told my cuckold to entertain me a bit, and told him to fetch the big white dildo.
When he came back down, I told him to strip down and fuck himself.

He pressed play the music and slowly started to move. He smiled as he removed one by one clothing and throw they away on the floor. Then he started to used the dildo as he got undressed. His mouth started to play it and I heard small moans between the lines of the music.

He took some lube on his finger and started to play with his ass hole opening, making it ready for the dildo.
He placed the dildo on the floor, and started to move in front of it. First he lay down on all four, licking the dildo. then he took it into his mouth, playing with it.

He turn…

Public self play, an idea from a bored Hotwife

Wow what a fun day in town, and my tension in the stomach was just as I expected it to be.
It is still winter, so when I was walking down the street in so little clothing, I really got attention.

As I was walking in my high heels, I let my hand wander around my tight, and sometimes under my skirt. I stopped at a bus stop and waited. I decided to take the first buss I saw, and take it to the next stop. The buss came and I went inside and got a seat. I sat down and spread my legs a bit, so the people walking on could se under my skirt if the saw my way. 
My hand took inside my skirt and I put my finger on my clit. I started to move the finger and I felt the tingling feeling I know so well. I lay my head down on the seat and moved my finger a bit faster. I let out a small breath and I took a quick look around, there was one man looking. As soon as my eyes meet his eyes he looked down, I did not look down. I took my head back again and my fingers worked slowly my pussy until I felt the shive…

Public idea

Today I am a bit bored... I am sitting here thinking what to do. I wanna do something fun, something public. 
I sit on instagram to maybe get some inspiration, there is a lot of hot pictures on instagram, and I get even more restless.
Suddenly I know what I like to do. 

Today I have send a text to my cuckold with tasks he ned to do before he gets home and maybe I will do some tasks myself. I went up to the bedroom, found my demi skirt and top.

I am going to play a bit public. I will go to town and get myself an orgasm or two. I love this kind of game and I feel the tension in my stomach. 

I am thinking buss at least, maybe a diner or coffee shop... 
Public is fun and exciting, both alone and with others. 
This summer will be a lot of public and a lot of play.
If anyone have a story to tell me about a public thing, send me a mail : and maybe I share your story. Named or Anonymous, your choice.


Laser treatment and toys

Hey all, today I have been doing hair removal laser, in my crotch.
I sometimes do that, for it makes the hair growth slower or even stop. In the laser center, they told me 5-6 times will be enough. I have done 7 now, and there still are some hair left. It is much less quantity, lighter in color,  weaker hair, no red spots or ingrowth hair after waxing, razor or hair removal cream. 

I also learned all those times I have done it, when you have menstruation the laser is ten times the pain. It is the same if you do not have eaten before the appointment, or if your bloodsucker is low. The pain increases, so eat well before treatment.

You do not need to save hair length before treatment, unlike waxing. Now you NEED to be newly shaved, or else you can get burn damage on your skin. The darker hair you have, the more effective the treatment will be. 

As you see from the photos, you can choose different styles when you use laser too. I use the Brazil, and very happy with that.

To take the laser, is …

All tide up part 2

As the cold hand moved around on the butt, I let my breathing calm down. I stretched my hands but they where all tied up, then I moved my legs and I felt myself getting all wet.

Bull put his hand on my head and grabbed my hair, and pulled it back.
the fingers moved from my butt to my pussy. They split my pussy lips and the finger played with my lips. I felt my pussy juice run down and the finger playing with me got all wet. The hand switched place with the other hand, and he putted three fingers inside me. As the finger vent in and out, my mouth was filled with fingers all wet by my own juices. I tastes my pussy and I moaned and pulled the rope again.
I licked his finger and felt I was hungry for cock, and begged bull to fuck me.

He took his cock out of the pants and I could feel the hard cock rub against my butt. His hand lay hard on my mouth and I kept sucking the finger inside my mouth. 

His hard cock was placed on mu pussy and I felt it pressed its way inside me. I moaned and gasped fo…

All tied up

I must say the days goes fast... Suddenly it is night again, Saturday night. 
Today we had some tied up fun, and man ohh I love that game. 
I took on me, one of my favourite dresses. The black one, with see through parts and high heels.

My cuckold took my hand above my head, and took the rope around my wrist, today I wanted the black one.
He spread my legs and hands and made an X with my body.

I laid my head back as he tied up my hands, and took a feather and stroke my body as he walked passed me, while he tied me up.

As I stood there, with no panties and no idea of what is going on... He took a blindfold on me. He whispers in my ear: "stand still"

I stood as still as I could, but my curiosity was lit on fire. I felt the excitement rushing through my body and mind. 

Then my cuckolds phone rang and I heard he answer it. I bent my head towards the sound, trying to pick up the words, but they all went out with the wind.

Suddenly I felt a cold hand against my thigh, and it was NOT cuckol…

Chastity belt is a way of life

My cuckold wears chastity belt/ cage every day, and I wear the key. I always wear the key on me, in ankle chain, necklace, bracelet or someplace else. Most of the time the key is visible for others to see, and this is a way to show I got my man in chastity, I am the Mistress and owner. If I meet people that see my key, and comments it I like it. He is my cuckold and I am proud of him.

We have lot of different type at home, plastic and metal, and now waiting for the sissy chastity belt. He starts with one a bit bigger and switches to smaller after the times go. 

When my cuckold is locked in his chastity for a long time, his sissy clit gets smaller. The cock is just a muscle so when it don’t get used, don`t get hard, it gets smaller, it´s literally shrinks.
When my cuckold is “normal”. In other words not locked in, his cock is bigger, and meassure 19 cm (7,5 inches). When he have been lock in for a long time. Let`s say 6 months, his cock will then be about 13 cm (5 inches) .
When he is free…

BBC meeting

Today I gonna meet my regular bull, it is way too long now. I really need a big cock now, and it is not a minus that it is black either. I love BBC, the dark color against my light skin. The big, thick shaft pressing into my pussy or ass, just got to miss it. 

One bull become two, my regular wanted to have a friend over and I am not the kind of woman that say no to this. I am a Hotwife and I am a slut and I love to used and fucked hard.

At last the time had come and I sat ready on the floor. I love to be tied up or blindfolded, and my orgasm is always strongest then. 
As I sat there, blindfolded this time, I felt the hands on me. The touch and talked to each other. I just sat there, was like air to them. I am just a body to use, just some holes to be widen and my mouth has to take what they expect it to take. I heard my cuckold helped the bull to get undressed and made them all ready for me. I heard them talk down to my cuckold, called him sissy and told him he was not man enough for me.…

Cuckolds measurement from being a cuckold to become a sissy

Today my cuckold was lucky, he was unlocked from his chastity cage. He was of course all tied up, or today that will say he was all locked up in handcuffs, hands over his head. Even for the short while it takes to do the measurement for his new chastity belt, He needs to be restrained. I can not give him the chance to touch him self can I ? 

This is the chastity he wears daily today, it is sexy and it is well restrained, but he is not sissy enough for me. The chastity belt is from Fancy steel , if you press the name, and follow the link you can se their selection. They have chastity, cuffs, metal shoes and so much more. They also engrave whatever may be desired.  

The one we are measuring for now are the "sissy slim fit chastity belt" pink of course.

As you can see this chastity belt really makes him a sissy, just the way it should be. He even get a camel toe....
We have the ass hole opening as an addition, so he can wear this chastity belt 24/7. You can decide for your self if …

Photo shoot with a twist

Today we had a photo shoot, and we got help from a photographer. I found the cloths and the other two got up canvas and camera.

I have got a new lacquer corset from Lille Frekke. (press on the red Name and you get into the web shop) This web shop has so much fun and sexy things. My next plan to buy the Sensuva, it is a relaxing spray for the throat. This is a spray that will make my throat a little stunned, so that I can do deep throat even a little easier.

Back to the clothing, I got on me the fish hole catsuit and the lacquer corset and got in front of the camera. Looking forward to use this in meetings and especially when I shall humiliate my sissy wearing this.

I got dressed in my next outfit, the photographer got a blindfold on me, and some handcuffs. I did not see anything, so the photographer came and helped me to my spot. As I stoped on the floor, and turned around to "face" the cameras, I felt his body against my back. His hand came around me, and laid on my breasts, b…

Training for orgasm train

Somedays are more calm than other days, and this has been a day like this. Today I started the day with sleeping a bit longer than usually. I stretched my body as I was thinking of standing up, but i wanted some orgasm before I did.
I spread my legs and my cuckold lay his head between them. I lay my head back and felt his tongue play with my clit. I train my self in having multiple orgasm in a row, and not stop between. I am lucky this way, I get easy orgasm and I can have more of them in a row. In different ways and different places. It takes a little practice to get orgasm like this, and to trust the one who gives it to you. 
My desire is a long orgasm train and not stop between the tops. I had small ones, not that they are intense enough, but what do they say? The devil always want more. Well I am the devil in this relationship and I am never satisfied for a long time, and always wanting more. 

But anyway, today I decided for ten orgasm and most of them in a row.  I got my first orgasm…

One step on the way to be a sissy

I am sitting here reading some mails, I really appreciate all feedback I get. I also have gotten some suggestion for cat suit, some really sexy ones.
Tomorrow I am going to do a new photo shoot, not sure If I am going to do it inside or outside, But I gotten some new and sexy cloth from Lille frekke I wanna try out, and some high heel sexy shoes, just love them high. 

Today I made some sissy tasks to my cuckold. I told my cuckold to undress and stand on all four on the bathroom floor. I went out and got a glass of juice while he stood there. He had been standing about 30 minutes when I came back in. I took the wax and greased it out around cuckolds ass hole, lay a wax strips over and pulled off. I continued to all hair where away, and his butt was all soft. The rest of his body hair left too, chest, arms and so on. He did just as I told him to and at the end I was happy with the results.

After all hair was gone I cleaned him in disinfectant cream, and aloe vera to prevent red spots on hi…

Steak and blow job day

Whats all boys favourite day? I would guess steak and blow job day and the day is here. I have thought a lot on what to do with my cuckold this day. He is still in chastity, but I like do do something to him this day. I can not let a day like this go un-noticed, I am a Hotwife, a slut, and would someone like me, let this fun pass?

No one says how the steak and blow job day are going to turn out, there is no recipe. I will, as I do with everything else, make this day at my own terms.
I went to the store, got a steak, and all accessories I wanted.

Back in my house, I took on me my Mistress clothing and high heeled shoes.

And that remind me, I really need some new mistress clothing now. A catsuit maybe, in black shiny latex. What you think? Do send me links if you have any suggestion.

I took the steak out of the bag, filled a glass of wine and sat down on the chair, waiting for my cuckold to enter the kitchen.
Just few minutes later he parks the car, and enters the house. I stand up, smiling a…

Strap-on play

I went over to the play cabinet, opened the door. Inside it is a lot of toys, and I started to look through the self. There I found the thing I was looking for, and took it out. I smiled as my finger followed the lines on the dildo, the black strap-on. This I am gonna use tonight, my cuckold will be fucked. I looked back in the self, took out an outfit and a whip.
A bit later, I called my cuckold up to the bedroom. As he entered, he saw me standing there, all ready for him. A bit earlier, I had give him a butt plug to use and now he knew why.
I gave him a sign and he entered inspection position immediately, and eyes in the floor. I told him to get undressed, and show me his butt plug. He bent over, grabbed his own butt cheeks and pulled them apart so the diamond came out in the light.My hand stroke his slave number on his ass, and continued down to the butt plug. I told him to get back in position, and I started to play with his cage. I took the chastity in my hand, used my tongue aroun…

A dobbel penetration while cuckold are at work.

Today I got two of my bulls visiting while cuckold was on work, and he do not know anything about it. Looking forward to send the first snap to him.
I find my fish hole dress and liquid latex, and after a shower I place myself in front of the mirror. I make my + on my breast and some other marks where I like some darker marks. I wish I could use some extension, but I know we get starting with the sex this hair will be gone in no time.
I looked at my self in the mirror as i took on me my eyeliner, I could see in my eyes that I was so ready for this. It is so perfect to have some bulls who can come to me day time, make the day at work a bit more exiting for my cuckold. 

Then after a new hour, my bulls entered the house. They slapped my pantie free butt, and kissed me deeply when they saw me. We started slowly in the living room, bout bulls where already ready when I got so far that I took off them the pants. 
On the way to the bed, one of the bull went behind me and fingering my clit. Every…

Tantra sex, an orgasm increaser

I am sitting looking at the Ipad... The kind of sex life I have is amusing, it is never a boring minute. I am that kind of woman who loves new things, explore and expand new boundaries. I had one bull one time, who talked about Tantra sex. We tried it, and I found it exiting. As I am sitting here now, looking at the screen, I write the name "Tantra" in the search field.

When bull told me about this, my first thought was "hippi thing..." or something like that. But i experienced it can provide an intense pleasure.

Tantra sex was easier than I thought, let me first tell you what it is then i tell you a story from my experience with it.

Tantra or tantric sex is an old Hindu practice, about 5000 years old. This is a slow form for sex, not fast and hard, but it can with exercise give a powerful orgasm.
The whole idea of this kind of sex is to take you time, with other words you can not do this if you like a quick one before you go. Some people say you can easily have sex fo…

Night time orgasm

Sunday, free from all work, sun and a dirty mind. Can the day start any better?
I am sitting here, thinking of the week to come. 
This weekend, I would like to have one or two meetings. We are sitting now, trying to see if we can find anything interesting to do. We might have a few options, follow this week and I tell you if we set a plan.

This night I woke up, at about 4 o`clock. I had a dream, a wet and sexy dream, and was so horny. I pushed my cuckold in the side, he was still sleeping. I bent over to his side, kissed his neck. 
"hey darling..." I said. 
He turned around, opened his tiered eyes and looked at me. He saw what I wanted, and he gave me a small smile. He too a sip of the water beside his bed, he was shaking his head a bit. Trying to wake up more, before he took his attention towards me.

His fingers touched my boobs first, then he started to make his way down to my pussy. 

His fingers played with my clit, made circle movement. Took spit on his fingers, so it was all w…

Best way to do a blow job

For many men the most sensitive spot on their cock is frenulum. The frenulum is the underside of the tip of their head. Just where the head meets the shaft. An Intense blow job tips is to use your tongue, the tip of your tongue more exactly. Use a flicking movement or motion, and of course use your tongue like, this while sucking him or just licking his cock.
Licking his frenulum, can be the perfect way to start the blow job, before you take the whole cock in your mouth. You can lick the cock up and down, side to side, in circles or a combination of all three
Have in mind, that if you have a cock that is circumcised, there is a chance the frenulum is removed.
Another way to start your blow jobs is to kiss the cock, kiss the whole cock. All over and every inch. Kissing is a perfect and great way if you like to take things slow and tease your man. The cock is a thing you can kiss just as you like, any way you like but it will be easier to kiss the cock if you hold it steady with your hands …