New plans

I have decided.... From Tomorrow and at least 1 week, depends how fun this will be. I will make one "game" or thing every day to tease up my cuckold. Like notes, around the house, play instructions.... Well can not wait. 

I am sitting here now, planning the day tomorrow. It is all about a note with instruction. Really looking forward to test it out. 


My cuckold are at work, fully unaware of my plans, but I think he might understand quite quickly what I am doing.
If anyone of you got any ideas for me to do with him, or for him or for my self, let me know :)

Have a great day and night everyone. Stay kinky and plan something fun for or with you partner, that is how the relationship always will get better.



  1. When you get back from work today, I will be serving you salad with a special dressing that my new friend helped me with. My new friend, the bull, has some seriously cumfilled balls that I will suck every drop of cum out of and blend his white and creamy dressing into the salad. As an extra treat, I will make a litle video of how I made the dressing that you can watch while you eat. Enjoy


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