New shoes

Yay today I got my new shoes! Ballet shoes , ankle high. Now I have The knee high and the ankle.


I have a lot to learn about walking in these shoes, I will take you on the journey with me. Anyone have any tips feel free to share with me and us here on the blog. 

I have got some tips already, it is to tape your feet with sport bandage and use the toe protector. You can get the toe protector in two different types, jelly and silicon.

I await my new silicon pads myself then I will walk even more around in the woods, on asphalt or other places.
One of my goals for this summer is to master this walk pretty good. I noticed that a little break from walking in these shoes, make you want to practise a bit more again. But the shoe itself are sexy, and you feel a special kind of pride walking in them.

My new shoe today also have the lock on it and it is actually a bit taller , pointier than the one I have from before.

Follow me here and I am sure we together will learn to use them properly, both to walk in and have sex in. You can not think I will not have sex in these shoes? For that is sooo wrong. They are made for sex. Just like I am.

Stay tuned, keep the tips coming and of course stay Kinky, every day.



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