Like a wood nymph

The warm breeze rushes through the trees and make a small weezing sound.. I close my eyes and just listen. I stand there, nude in the woods. I listen for foot steps, for branches to break. I feel the bark from the tree against my skin. My hand is held high up in the air. I pull a bit in my arms, they are stuck.
The handcuffs rubs against my wrist as the robe held them up. The sound of the metal rubbing against the rock under my feet breaks the silence...


I get aware of a sound behind me.. some branches breaks and I try to turn around so that I can see... It is quiet again.. 
I can feel the little air once again stokes my skin softly.
My blond hair lay down on my back as I look up to the air, checking the ropes I am tied up in.

A hand softly places it self on my hip and I can feel someone breath down in my neck. I stand there feeling like the wood nymph from Norwegian storys. About the young looking girl/woman, naked in the woods. A sexual creature, lures men into redemption, for love and sexual pleasure.

small bites gets placed in my neck and a moan gets out of my mouth. My pussy is wet and my skin gets a chilling feeling as The person behind me grabs my hair, pulls it back.

You slut, your all alone here ar you not?
He whisper in my ear and at the same time he drag my ass back and presses a hard cock inside me. I moan loudly, and I get pushed towards the bark on the tree. My pussy hole is all open and it stretches as the huge cock widens me up. He fucks me hard and let me know what a cheep slut I am. He breath in my air as I feel my orgasm starts. He tells me to keep it inside, do not come he say.
I crunches my hands on the handcuffs for not get that orgasm before I am allowed.

All of a sudden he pulls out and my face is all covered by warm salty cum


This was just the start of the play we had. I had the craziest orgasm later on. Imagen all the eyes on you, you stand there naken, in plain sight. With a big stud behind you, fucking you like crazy. You just hang there, in a tree for use and pleasure.

I just love it, any of you love this kind of play?
Love to hear all about it.



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