A day in Nature,I am back from the silent corner.

Well I am back... It has been summer and I had a lot of play plans and so on. It has been something but not as much as I wanted. Sometime it happens things , and so it did for me...
The summer is still here and so I am. 

The rest of the summer will be like I want my life, sex, play and nice sexy big cocks. 
Yesterday we went to the river, to take a bath, some pictures and guess what? sex...

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

The air is hot and I feel the light breeze against my skinn. I like to stretch my arms into the air and let the nature se me, and if the forrest have  a visitor that sees me too, well that is just exiting. I am a exhibitionist.

I sat down, took on me my ballet shoes. This was an uneven surface so a bit hard to walk on, but what can I do with no practice? So I took my shoes on and held my hand on the rock and started walking. A bit shaky, but with a big smile and a lot of laughter. Whats life with no testing. And BTW i started to use silicon pad for toe tip, bought on Balletshop to use inside the shoes. It made the walking sooo much easier. It ease the pressure, and help with balance. I make a new post about walking in these shoes soon with all my tips and tricks.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

I had my cuckold as photographer of course, and I had a plan with a bull to come and give me a nice cum experience too. and so he did
It is fun to be in the nature. We where only a few meters from a road so there where a lot of cars driving past us, but I just love this place. It is so nice and calm and its easy to live my fantasies here. 

Follow me and I share some more stories from this day. There is a few surprise from this day

Good to be back, and good its a lot more summer out there. Any one out there have a summer story you wanna share with me?
send it to hotwifeno@gmail.com if you do not wanna share it here on the blog:)



  1. I'm happy that you are returned and I hope that you and your cuckold look fine.
    Cheers from Italy


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