Instruction for an orgasm

I found a paper and my pen. I sprayed it with my perfume and made a kiss mark from my lipstick on the end of my writing.
I looked down at it and smiled, I stood up and put the letter by the counter in the hallway.


Part one is pretty easy, if I make it easy. And of course I do, I want this orgasm. I walked around in my skirt in the kitchen when cuckold came home. I heard him take the note, and then I heard his step towards me.
He came up behind me, put his arms around me and kissed me in the neck. Then he started his assignment. his hand wondered up under my skirt, found my clit and started the circular movement. I placed my hands on the table in front of me, while Cuckold switched from fingers to tongue.

While I stood there, with my eyes closed and mouth open, cuckold started to open my pussy with his fingers. Slowly putting two fingers inside me. Widen my pussy hole and I took a deep breath.

His fingers moved in and out, slowly at first then faster. His tongue kept up the paste and I could feel the warm rush in my body. I moaned and my fingers turned white from holding fast. 

My legs was shaking from the orgasm and I made small screams as I tried to keep myself standing.
As the first orgasm calmed down, a new one started. Cuckold kept the tongue and fingers working, and the new climax began before the first one was finished. This time I could not keep my screams down and man I was laud. And I absolutely love to be laud, It means cuckold have done his job well. Good for him, then he will be free from the whip tonight.

Well this was just the first day, I have many more ideas for the next day. Keep reading, come with ideas if you like and I will let you know what my days will bring.

Stay kinky, that is the way to do things.



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