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There are many untrue and weird opinion about different life styles. Take this example, I was on a visit to some friends. They had invited 4 couple for some snacks and some beer. We sat there talking and laughing and when that is said, some of the people there do not know me or my and cuckold relationship. We only met them a few times before.
Suddenly one of the person started to talk about swinger couple, and the vision they had on what these couples do... I just have to shake my head.. do some people really believe this?


Many people believe it is only special types of people who is swingers, but there is not. they are quite normal if I have to say so.

To be a swingers only mean you are not monogamist, you involve more people in the sex life. Some have sex with other in private, more like what I like to do, and others go to clubs to find this sex partner.
This kind of sex life can be intimidating for some and exiting for others, but for some people its just natural. 

I sat there, listening.
Then I just had to say something, and boy was that fun. The couple who started to conversation sat with big eyes and mouth open. I did not say half of what I am actually doing. I think these kind of people is actually pretty curious on  what a swinger is and do. And at the end of the conversation, they where more exited and asked a lot of question instead of the judgement they started with. 

This is some of what I try to get out with this blog, It is ok to be different. It is ok to love sex and wanna do different things with different people, as long as it do not hurt anyone. Do you not agree?



  1. I would like to help my wife to enjoy that kind of life. I know she likes it... but it is long to explain here. Anyway, I would like to know how to get her into places with such kind of atmosphere, but not explicit at the beginning. Here in Spain but able to travel. Thanks!!!


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