Can´t wait for my cuckold to meet my Alpha BBC

I sit her looking at my Phone, and I have just planed a meeting, a real BBC.
Now the plan is in order and the hotel is booked. He is a real Alfa, and I cant wait for my cuckold to get a bit reality check. And of course my desire for that big black cock penetrating both my ass and pussy, and maybe I let my cuckold get a taste too. 
Keep following and you will have the story and pictures soon. 


I wish for my Bull to show my cuckold how I deserved to be fucked, how a real man do that. To taste his big black cock deep in my throat.
I long for placing my cuckold on the floor, make the cum from bull that is placed deep inside me, run out from my holes and cover cuckold face, make him clean me up. Eat all the cum Bull can provide. I just love to see cuckold eat cum and he need to show me he really enjoys it. 

My cuckold should really have his thank you speech ready, It is a mater of course Bull deserve it after a real fucking of this slutty wife. Cuckolds night sleep depends of it ;)

Looking forward to this, hope you are looking forward to get some nice stories from the meeting too.

Have a nice night all you out there.



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