Planing the night

I am gonna try the new Fancy Steel chastity belt on my cuckold tonight and he is spending his first night in his new sissy clit outfit. Gonna use the next days to test it out and get you guys a review. 


But do you know what is fun when it comes to chastity? To tease him up, to let him play but never score. Tonight I am going to get some orgasms and cuckold is really going to be tested. Wanna hear my plans? 
I have several ideas for tonight, like massage wand on the metal plate, self made orgasm, cuckold need to make me come hard and laud. Just as a Hotwife is suppose to be.

And BTW .... Today I got my silicone toe protectors for my ballet shoes. I tested it out at once and wow, they where perfect. They took all the weigh from a few toes and put it on more toes and on the foot it self. 
Let me test it a bit more and I will come with more info to you. 


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