Weekend bull meeting

A hard intense fuck is one of my best weekend hobby. Bull came over to me this weekend. We had a blast time, me, him and his friend. Cuckold was around to ofc, as our sissy waitress.

One in front and one behind... it is perfect. One thing that could be more perfect is more bulls than two. Like three, four, ten or more ;)

I actually sit here now as we speak and plan a gangbang this summer. looking forward to it. and this time, all who is joining need to accept picture, censured of course. 

But back to this weekend, wanna hear some of it? Keep reading.

Cuckold sat on the floor, thanking bull for fucking me. I smiled down to him as Bull pressed his cock into my mouth. I slowly sat down on the other bull and felt his BBC press its way into my pussy. He sat under nit me, and pressed my back against his chest. his hands grabbed my boobs. Cuckold came crawling up to us, and started to lick and suck on my clit as bull moved in and out. The cock in my mouth started to leak pre cum and I moaned as I wanted more.

Bull gave cuckold a message to fetch a drink and both bulls lifted me up from the position. One bull lay down in bed, and pull me on top of him, and the other bull came up behind me. 

the first big black cock pressed into my pussy, hard and fast. The next cock came a bit slower. nice and easy it pressed itself in my ass.
© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com
My hole expanded and they both started to move in and out. the two cocks filled me up and I felt them stretch and widen me. I started to join the rhythm and my asshole was beginning to be used harder.

The cock was pressed all the way inn and I felt it touched my g-spot. I bent my head backwards and I let small scream out. I moved my finger down to my clit, started to make circular movement there myself.
The warm and tingling feeling started in my toes, and continued up into my stomach. 
I heard one of the Bull followed me and as I screamed out my orgasm my ass was filled with warm with cum. He took his cock out and the cum run out from my widen open hole.

Cuckold came over to me, started to clean bulls cock with his mouth. Then he went his attention towards my ass. Started to lick and kiss the hole and cleaned up all cum. The other bull still fuck me in my pussy as cuckold cleaned me up, and just as he had done a nice job with my as hole, he pulled the cock out of my pussy and cuckolds face was filled with fresh warm cum. 

After Bulls had left, I lay in cuckolds arms on the bed. Tiered, but happy. He held his arms around me and I felt so safe and so loved.

So for all of you out there, keep you thoughts naughty and keep the sexy thing happen.



  1. My favourite part... when cuckold thanks bull about what will happen... I still haven't enjoyed such humiliated situation, but makes me so hard to think about it.


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