My ballet shoe tips and training, Hotwife style

Well as I have promised I tell you a bit how the practices for my ballet shoes walking is going.

I have 4 pair of ballet shoes now. One of them was a bit big, so we tried to repair them our self. We filled with som stuff on the toe area, but unfortunately we got a bit much, so we have to remove some of it again.
 Another shoe went a bit far over to the front, so we are talking about how we can grind the end of the heel to make it more stabil. Will fill you inn on this project when I have tested it out a bit more.  Now I talk about the ballet shoe with the heel

Another thing I found out was to wear the silicon toe tip from,

It made the walking so much easier. It made the toe less sore from balancing on it, and it made the toe part more sticky so you did not "crash" into the bottom of the shoe. And believe me... it helps

I bought some cheep one...they where about ok to use, but not to much help, then I bought the more expensive one, and they did their job pretty good. 
You can also get gel toe pads, but i phoned the ballet academy here in Oslo and they recommended the silicon.

I also have the ballet shoe with no heel, this is easier to walk in, and maybe the one I recommend as a starter shoe. The one to strait above the ankle or the one up to your knees 

Today I gave cuckold a massage on a massage table at home. I am a Hotwife of course I have my own massage table ;)
I took on me my ballet shoes with no heels and started to walk around the table. 
This was my practice walking in them today, it is save, table to hold on too, and its fun for cuckold gets totally crazy when I walk in those shoes.

I will get back to you further on with my practicing, I love to test this shoes out. I love those, they are sooo sexy.
More out there practicing these shoes? You have any tips or tricks you wanna share?



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