Fantastic shoes, fantastic tips

I am a high heel lover, and I have high heel challenges everyday as everyone wearing high heels. Wanna have some tips?
Through the years I collected tips and tricks to use both for wearing/using the high heels and preserve them.
Let me tell you 9 of my tips and tricks.

1) Small or a bit tight shoe? 
some shoe is quite tight around the toe area. Tips for this is to fill two small airtight plastic bag with a little bit of water, set the shoes up and stick the plastic bags in the front of them, in the toe area. Put the shoe, standing, in the freezer and make them stand like this over night. Water expand when it becomes ice, so now the toe area will be a bit wider than before.

2)Stinky shoe?
All can have some smell in their shoe, even girls/woman. We often wanna use shoe without socks or panties, and this can make some odor.
One quick way to fix this is to put one unused tea bags in your shoes. Unused, dry tea bags is fantastic to absorbing unpleasant scents and moist. 

3) water stains
many shoes get water stains after being exposed to water, especial leather shoes. They are a pain to remove! But one easy way to do this is to simply take a toothbrush and vinegar and "brush" the stains away.

4)comfortable toes in high heels
It is not always comfortable to wear high heels, there is a lot of strain placed on the nerve between the second and third toe. One easy way to help relieve this tension is to tape these two toes together. Not to tight, then you will cut of blood circulation. This may seem a bit odd but this will actually help.

5) Tiered feet in high heels
When we first tape our toes, why not tape the rest :) But seriously it works. When you walk in high heels over time, your feet can and will be tiered. Next time try to tape some sports tape or other kind of tape under your foot. This will relieve some of the tension and make some support for you foot.

6) Cleaning your shoe with toothpaste or nail polish remover
the clean, pristine condition of your brand new shoes is something that does not last very long.
You can keep the "new"fresh look to stay longer, simply by rubbing some white toothpaste all over the marks on the shoes, and then scrub it of. this will work and it is cheep as well.

 7) Blisters
sometimes it is just to late to make your shoe comfortable and when you then walk a lot , it is easy to get blisters. And they are both painful and not nice looking. Now at this point black tea can be your rescue. Just soak your feet in warm black tea.It will sooth the pain and reduce blisters and chances of any infection.

8) prevent tall shoes from falling
To keep your high heels in their proper form, or prevent the sipper in your tall high heels shoe to break, it is important for them to stand up strait.
You can do this with some help from pool noodles. cut the pool noodles into an appropriate length and stuff them inside your boots when you are not wearing them. This will keep their shape and keep them from creasing. It will also keep the sipper in nice condition.

9) sweet free shoes
If you like to wear shoes without socks you might wanna try this little trick? Take some dry shampoo, spray into your shoes before you put them on. It will help absorb moisture and keep the shoe moist and sweat free.

So keep walking in you high heels, or your regular shoes for that matter. All of these tricks and tips can be used by both high heel and low shoes. Both men and woman can use them too.
You have more tips for me or the blog readers? write it down and keep sharing.



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