Looking for places

Just another day in the woods, sun has been up and the warmth in the air has kissed my body many times today.
Sissy took some photos of me and beside that we have been looking for some places we can do some photo shoots or some meetings. 
Or maybe a place to tie up my cuckold for a few ours while he is blindfolded and I`m playing around as a wood nymph.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

I had myself an orgasm of course. it is just so sexy to get the climax out in public.

Is there anything you readers wanna have a closer look to in my life, please let me know :) always fun to hear what you guys are interested in:)



  1. I love you shoes Mistress they show your legs sublime kezzaa fromfetlife X

  2. Love your storys. More bbc and pics:)

  3. Hello Miss, awesome blog.

    I wanted to ask you, if you have kids and how do you integrate your family dinĂ¡micas with your kind lifestyle?

    If you don’t have kids, could you please explain why?

  4. why she does NOT have kids? Perhaps she just does not want them, like so many others...

    Love this site.

  5. I think the photo with this post is intriguing. It takes what it usually only seen in a populated area, and puts iy in the great outdoors. I was thinking when I saw it that it'd hurt like the blazes to walk too far in the heels.


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