I get BBC fucked, and my sissy gets a real humiliation night.

I smiled at my cuckold. He stood there on the floor. His little Sissy clit was newly shaved and the chastity was back on. His latex maid outfit was on and the same was the corset real tight. I prepped him to make sure he did what my Bull wished for.

Then the time was here, and Bull knocked at the door. I opened and my sissy stood behind me, his hands on his back ready to serve.
For us this meeting was the first time I met this Bull. We have had him for a long time on snapchat, and we also have him on SDC.
I have seen picture of him, and what I saw coming in the door was even better than the photo. 

I stood in front of him, turning around as I saw his hard nice BBC standing strait up into the air... I was already horny, just by looking at him...
He told me to get on the bed, put my as up and show him what I could offer. As I stood there, he had come up behind me. His hand started to feel my butt cheek, gave it a few slaps and then he pushed me further into the bed.
Then he laid back into the bed and told me to climb on him, and  he did not need to tell me twice.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

I pressed my pussy slowly on to his cock, I felt his big shaft press my hole wide and open. He pressed first slowly so I could feel I got expanded. My pussy opened up for him and I let out a moan as I started to move on his BBC. All my body shivered as I could feel the pressure inside me. 
I lay my head back as I took his cock in possession. As I sat there my sissy sat down on the floor, and looked at my bulls big hard wet black cock enter me hard and fast, time after time. Sissy moaned and could hardly sit still as Bull told him he loved to fuck me, and my big white ass.

We had some hours of fun together and it will not be the last time. This was a real BBC with all I desire.
I get horny just by writing this down, and I have a few more stories from the meeting to share with you. Like real hard ass fucking... I just love to be fucked so hard I barely can walk .. 
And what is a meeting with this kind of Bull with no "show and tell"? hehe I just had to put my cuckold and my Bull beside each other...

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

And what can I say.... I just love the sight. I guess that no one seeing this picture will wonder why I love BBC more than my cuckolds dick or what I like to call it, sissy clit. 

I would love to hear from you readers what you think of this comparison! Any thoughts or reality check for cuckold?

Stay tuned for more sexy stories and pictures from this meeting, many sexy things to come



  1. wawww that was a real great hot time for you hotwife , and a great session for your sissy , hope to be soon with you very hotwife :):)

  2. That pic is so hot! I envy your cuckold that has such a great hotwife :-)

  3. That's so hot. Wonderful hotwifefucking a blackcock twenty times bigger than the small dick ofher cuckold. Can't wait to se more. Totally awesome.


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