My ass gonna have a blast tonight

I stand on all four in bed, my ass point strait up into the roof. My hands are all tied up and so are my feet. I cant see a thing , my eyes have blindfold on them. I listen to the sounds around me, trying to figure out who of my regular are here tonight.

A hand takes a good grip in my hip and I am pulled backwards. I let out a moan and as I do that I feel a warm hard pulsating cock against my ass hole. I throw my head backwards and presses my butt against his crotch.


I can feel my ass hole expand as the cock widens me out. OMG what a thrilling feeling. He started to move in and out and I let out small moans as I feel the rush going through my body. I shiver and the sweat comes out on my back as the cock enter his whole length inside me. 
Cuckold comes over to us, sit down on his knees beside me. Bull tells him to make me scream for him, and cuckold takes his finger on my clit as Bull fucks me hard. I start to scream and my body is shaking. I pull my tied up hands but I am stuck.

My orgasm shivers through my body as I feel Bulls cum fils my hole. The warm tingling feeling from the sperm make me horny as I was not that from before. 
Then Bull commands cuckold to clean up. He puts his cock inside cuckolds mouth then he tells him to clean me up at the same time as Bull comes over to me. He starts to kiss me, looks down at cuckold and starts to tell him how I need to be pleased. He the unlocks my hand and I turn around to look at my cuckold down at my legs.

I smile and give Bull a new kiss.

What a night, and this as just the start of it :)
Love my life, what kind of life do all of you readers have? Are you satisfied?



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