BBC meeting

Today I gonna meet my regular bull, it is way too long now. I really need a big cock now, and it is not a minus that it is black either. I love BBC, the dark color against my light skin. The big, thick shaft pressing into my pussy or ass, just got to miss it. 

One bull become two, my regular wanted to have a friend over and I am not the kind of woman that say no to this. I am a Hotwife and I am a slut and I love to used and fucked hard. 

At last the time had come and I sat ready on the floor. I love to be tied up or blindfolded, and my orgasm is always strongest then. 
As I sat there, blindfolded this time, I felt the hands on me. The touch and talked to each other. I just sat there, was like air to them. I am just a body to use, just some holes to be widen and my mouth has to take what they expect it to take. I heard my cuckold helped the bull to get undressed and made them all ready for me. I heard them talk down to my cuckold, called him sissy and told him he was not man enough for me. The explained for him I needed real cocks now, and they where going to show him how I deserved to be handled. 

My hair was held in a tight nod on top of my head, and my face was pushed to the bulls crotch. I got a dick in my mouth and I at once started to suck it. My tongue went crazy and my hands followed his tights up. My movement up to his cock was stopped by some hands, and my hands was placed on a new cock.

I felt my pussy was turning all wet and I moaned at the same time as I sucked and played with the cocks. 

Let me tell you more of the meeting tomorrow, you have some sexy reading there ;)



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