A dobbel penetration while cuckold are at work.

Today I got two of my bulls visiting while cuckold was on work, and he do not know anything about it. Looking forward to send the first snap to him.
I find my fish hole dress and liquid latex, and after a shower I place myself in front of the mirror. I make my + on my breast and some other marks where I like some darker marks. I wish I could use some extension, but I know we get starting with the sex this hair will be gone in no time.
I looked at my self in the mirror as i took on me my eyeliner, I could see in my eyes that I was so ready for this. It is so perfect to have some bulls who can come to me day time, make the day at work a bit more exiting for my cuckold. 

Then after a new hour, my bulls entered the house. They slapped my pantie free butt, and kissed me deeply when they saw me. We started slowly in the living room, bout bulls where already ready when I got so far that I took off them the pants. 
On the way to the bed, one of the bull went behind me and fingering my clit. Every step i took , made a new shock of pleasure.

As we entered the bedroom, it took my bull only few seconds to thrown me into the bed, and place himself behind me and press in my ass. I open my mouth to let out a moan, but before i knew it a cock was placed in my mouth.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com
I was taken as a train, and I love it. I tasted my bulls pre-cum as I licked and kissed his cock. I placed it far down in my throat until I felt the need to break me. Bull grabbed my hair and I had no chance to stop. Bull took his phone, called my cuckold on facetime and when he answered, we put the phone on a table so he could see what we where doing. 

As my bull pressed me down in the bed and the cock pressed in and out my ass, I let out small moans. The bull I was sucking, lay down in the bed beside me, and gave sign that he wanted to fuck me. I turned around and lay on top of him, and he started at once to press his cock into my pussy. At the same time as i felt he widen me out, The other bull followed us and placed himself between my butt cheeks. He pressed into my as and I was filled up in bout holes. 

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com
I bowed my head and then throw it back, my breath was increasing and i do not last long this way before my first orgasm was coming. I worked on holding the climax back and i bit my lip as the fucked me hard and fast. 

I Felt the warmth and tingling feeling, and I just let it go. I moan loudly and my body was shaking.
I love DP and this is one of my favorite positions, I can tell you a bit more about the DP tomorrow. It is so fantastic and so sexy.

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