All tide up part 2

As the cold hand moved around on the butt, I let my breathing calm down. I stretched my hands but they where all tied up, then I moved my legs and I felt myself getting all wet.

Bull put his hand on my head and grabbed my hair, and pulled it back.
the fingers moved from my butt to my pussy. They split my pussy lips and the finger played with my lips. I felt my pussy juice run down and the finger playing with me got all wet. The hand switched place with the other hand, and he putted three fingers inside me. As the finger vent in and out, my mouth was filled with fingers all wet by my own juices. I tastes my pussy and I moaned and pulled the rope again.
I licked his finger and felt I was hungry for cock, and begged bull to fuck me.

He took his cock out of the pants and I could feel the hard cock rub against my butt. His hand lay hard on my mouth and I kept sucking the finger inside my mouth. 

His hard cock was placed on mu pussy and I felt it pressed its way inside me. I moaned and gasped for air as I was filled. I pressed myself against him and he started to move in and out. My cuckold sat down my my knees and lifted his mouth towards my pussy. Bull fucked me at the same time as cuckold licked and sucked my clit. I was pulling my ties and moaning load as the shiver started in the legs. 

After the orgasm calming down , my hands was taken down and I was placed on my knees. My hand was once more handcuffed on my back and bull putted his dick into my mouth. 
I wrapped my lips around his dick and my tongue played with his head. He moaned and grabbed my hair as he started to reach his climax. He pulled him self out and i put my tongue out, ready to taste his cum. 

My mouth was filled and I felt the taste of him. I smiled and swallowed some of the cum, and I felt the cum on my face was becoming all stiff. 

I love the taste of cum and to be restrained, it is so sexy tast and feeling.

Have a lovely and sexy evening



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