Sunday employs

My regular Sunday activity if not meetings. Still some fever and still on the sofa but planning some fun activity this week I can handle. Just talked to my regular Bull and this week I will try out the new spray I got from Lille frekke.  Exited if this spray works, if I can take the cock even deeper into my mouth than I do before. I always train my deep throating, and often I do it daily when I brush my teeth.
I know many girls struggling to take the cocks far down in their throat, imagine if a spray could do so she or he for that case can take it even further in with less problem.

Just to think about it, makes me wet, and to see this pic make me want a cock to suck on. 
Just the feeling to have the cock in my mouth. To feel the hard shaft with the soft skin, the lines of the head and the blood veins. 
To press my mouth down so far that I feel it blocks my air and initiates refraction reflex. My mouth fills with spit and the taste of the pre-cum, mmmmm love it. This must be the perfect gift or an exiting accessories to test out, follow me as I test it out and do give me feedback or stories if anyone have something to share with me about this type of play.

This week, I have a doctor appointment and this will have a little twist, looking forward to this. My cuckold will of course have some tasks to do also, along with sissy days.

As I sit here I see the sun shining outside, its windy but it is spring. It is something in the air when the spring and summer is around in corner. I get more horny, if that is possible. I can imagine myself all tied up by just closing my eye for a second. 

I hear my cuckold enter the living room as I sit here writing this. I told him to dress up and fetch me something to drink as he do some household charts.

He kneels in front of me and puts the soda on the table. He takes my foot and starts to massage it gently. He kisses my legs and switch leg. 
Not a day goes by that I miss a life without my sissy, I got it all and so has he.



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