One step on the way to be a sissy

I am sitting here reading some mails, I really appreciate all feedback I get. I also have gotten some suggestion for cat suit, some really sexy ones.
Tomorrow I am going to do a new photo shoot, not sure If I am going to do it inside or outside, But I gotten some new and sexy cloth from Lille frekke I wanna try out, and some high heel sexy shoes, just love them high. 

Today I made some sissy tasks to my cuckold. I told my cuckold to undress and stand on all four on the bathroom floor. I went out and got a glass of juice while he stood there. He had been standing about 30 minutes when I came back in. I took the wax and greased it out around cuckolds ass hole, lay a wax strips over and pulled off. I continued to all hair where away, and his butt was all soft. The rest of his body hair left too, chest, arms and so on. He did just as I told him to and at the end I was happy with the results.

After all hair was gone I cleaned him in disinfectant cream, and aloe vera to prevent red spots on his skin
I washed and cleansed the chastity cage and put this back on with a red and black lace thong. 
I looked at his ears, he really need some ear rings, maybe that is the next thing for him to do. Pierce his ears...

I found a nice pink dress and I told him to fix his nail, while I took a break. Then I gave him a pink nail polish to put on him self. 

As I came back, he sat on the floor, concentrated and almost finished. 
I took a lipstick in the same color, took it on his mouth, and placed a star clamp in his hair. Now he looked like a real sissy, I was pleased with his job and he was allowed to come down in the living room. 

To have a cuckold as a sissy, is a fun way to spend a calm and relaxing day. It is a lot of things I can do, and make him do. This is just a small part of the lifestyle, but to have a hairy sissy... no I like him clean. 

Have a nice Saturday all, I know I will.



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