Laser treatment and toys

Hey all, today I have been doing hair removal laser, in my crotch.
I sometimes do that, for it makes the hair growth slower or even stop. In the laser center, they told me 5-6 times will be enough. I have done 7 now, and there still are some hair left. It is much less quantity, lighter in color,  weaker hair, no red spots or ingrowth hair after waxing, razor or hair removal cream. 

pic from web

I also learned all those times I have done it, when you have menstruation the laser is ten times the pain. It is the same if you do not have eaten before the appointment, or if your bloodsucker is low. The pain increases, so eat well before treatment.

You do not need to save hair length before treatment, unlike waxing. Now you NEED to be newly shaved, or else you can get burn damage on your skin. The darker hair you have, the more effective the treatment will be. 

As you see from the photos, you can choose different styles when you use laser too. I use the Brazil, and very happy with that.

To take the laser, is painful. But not so much that you do not manage to lay still. I had extra strength in the laser, hoping this can be more effective for me. 

pic from web

It is a prickly, burning sensation where the laser sends its rays. You get some seconds between every press and every rays maybe 4 seconds or so. Important now is to use those 4 seconds to relax. Find a way to make the body relax and let the tension and muscle contraction to wear off. This will make the treatment quicker and less painful. 

Now I just wait to see result number seven, how many more do I need?

But when I got home, I checked my mailbox...and there my creams, spray and my new Butt plug was. I am so exited to test this out. Some of the things I got was : Viamax (sensitive gel for me), sensuva (throat relaxing spray), Pjur superhero (cream for cuckold, reduces sensitivity without numbing. Now he really gonna work the extender) Pjur back door (comfort water based anal glide) and to use water glide in the back will be exiting, I always used oil based my self. And last but not least B-vibe butt plug, I am so gonna test this in public. 

Lille frekke

I am so looking forward to have fun testing these things. Keep following and I tell you how it went down. My plans are many... deep throating, throat fucking, extender play and so much more... I am so exited already.



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