All tied up

I must say the days goes fast... Suddenly it is night again, Saturday night. 
Today we had some tied up fun, and man ohh I love that game. 
I took on me, one of my favourite dresses. The black one, with see through parts and high heels.

My cuckold took my hand above my head, and took the rope around my wrist, today I wanted the black one.
He spread my legs and hands and made an X with my body.

I laid my head back as he tied up my hands, and took a feather and stroke my body as he walked passed me, while he tied me up.

As I stood there, with no panties and no idea of what is going on... He took a blindfold on me. He whispers in my ear: "stand still"

I stood as still as I could, but my curiosity was lit on fire. I felt the excitement rushing through my body and mind. 

Then my cuckolds phone rang and I heard he answer it. I bent my head towards the sound, trying to pick up the words, but they all went out with the wind.

Suddenly I felt a cold hand against my thigh, and it was NOT cuckolds hand. I turned my head around, but I was still blindfolded, so i was still left in the darkness. I felt I knew the person behind me, and at the same second I thought that, the person spoke, and I knew I was going for a fun ride

Still having fun.. just a small break now. Tell you more about it tomorrow. Have a great Saturday all.



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