Sick day, but still a Hotwife

Today I woke up, ready in my head for a play day at home.... I woke up sick. Typical me...
But I told my cuckold to keep my mood up and gave him some tasks. 
I got my tiered body out of bed and down to the sofa, my cuckold came after with a pillow and a blanket.
I laid down and took a deep breath.
I told my cuckold to entertain me a bit, and told him to fetch the big white dildo.
When he came back down, I told him to strip down and fuck himself.

© Hotwifeno
He pressed play the music and slowly started to move. He smiled as he removed one by one clothing and throw they away on the floor. Then he started to used the dildo as he got undressed. His mouth started to play it and I heard small moans between the lines of the music.

He took some lube on his finger and started to play with his ass hole opening, making it ready for the dildo.
He placed the dildo on the floor, and started to move in front of it. First he lay down on all four, licking the dildo. then he took it into his mouth, playing with it.

He turned around and stared to sit down on it, slowly at start.
I was still on the sofa, tiered in my body, but my mind and eyes was placed 100% on my cuckold.

© Hotwifeno

His butt hole is so sexy, even the cold can take away the interest from me.

He pressed himself even more down on the dildo as I saw his breathing become more intense.
"Show me you are a sissy" I told him, and he started to make even more girly noice. He started to touch his breast and begging me for allowed him to soon have bigger boobs. 

He moved faster and I liked what I saw, and I told him this. As he heard me say so he moved even faster and I saw he was closing in for the climax.
The clinging noice from the chastity cage  become louder and he begged me to be allowed to come.
As I told him yes, he screamed as a girl and white cum run out of his sissy clit. "Lick it up, can not have this mess on the floor sissy"

he turned around and he used his tongue willingly. The floor become nice and clean again.

After this round I was pumped, and I took some water and lay back down on the sofa.
Hoping for a better day tomorrow, even this day had its moments.



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