Photo shoot with a twist

Today we had a photo shoot, and we got help from a photographer. I found the cloths and the other two got up canvas and camera.

I have got a new lacquer corset from Lille Frekke. (press on the red Name and you get into the web shop) This web shop has so much fun and sexy things. My next plan to buy the Sensuva, it is a relaxing spray for the throat. This is a spray that will make my throat a little stunned, so that I can do deep throat even a little easier.

Back to the clothing, I got on me the fish hole catsuit and the lacquer corset and got in front of the camera. Looking forward to use this in meetings and especially when I shall humiliate my sissy wearing this.

I got dressed in my next outfit, the photographer got a blindfold on me, and some handcuffs. I did not see anything, so the photographer came and helped me to my spot. As I stoped on the floor, and turned around to "face" the cameras, I felt his body against my back. His hand came around me, and laid on my breasts, before one of the hands slowly was drawn down my stomach all the way to my clit. 

I quickly drew my breath and lay my head back on his shoulder. "what does a slut like you deserve" he asked me, but before I could answer he continued.
"beg me for it, let me see if you deserve it"
I pressed my butt against his crotch and I felt his cock was hard and ready. 
His finger worked my pussy, and I felt a shiver in my legs. With my hands all tied up, my legs was my only way to keep myself standing. 
My climax was building up and the photographer noticed my legs was shaking and I got a bit out of balance, so he used the other hand to hold me up. As my orgasm rushed through my body, my knees gave in and I moaned as I sat down on the floor. We continued the photo session after a few minutes break and some water.

I took on me my new black shiny shoes, with my outfit. These shoes are so comfortable to walk in, nice space inside and good support in the ankle.
Yet again we took a few more picture, before the photographer ordered me on my knees for some more play. 

I got his cock in my mouth, and I moaned as he held my hair and worked my mouth.
This is just my kind of photo shoot, and it will not be my last.



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