Cuckolds measurement from being a cuckold to become a sissy

Today my cuckold was lucky, he was unlocked from his chastity cage. He was of course all tied up, or today that will say he was all locked up in handcuffs, hands over his head. Even for the short while it takes to do the measurement for his new chastity belt, He needs to be restrained. I can not give him the chance to touch him self can I ? 

This is the chastity he wears daily today, it is sexy and it is well restrained, but he is not sissy enough for me. The chastity belt is from Fancy steel , if you press the name, and follow the link you can se their selection. They have chastity, cuffs, metal shoes and so much more. They also engrave whatever may be desired.  

The one we are measuring for now are the "sissy slim fit chastity belt" pink of course.

Pic from fancy steel

As you can see this chastity belt really makes him a sissy, just the way it should be. He even get a camel toe....
We have the ass hole opening as an addition, so he can wear this chastity belt 24/7. You can decide for your self if you want this opening or not, it is extra equipment.
The opening comes on measurement, as all the rest of the chastity devices from this web store. This way the chastity belt will fit perfect and is user friendly. This type of chastity belt is easy to use and highly adjustable. (about 4-5 cm adjustment on crotch and waist)
One thing is very important to me, and it is: I need a chastity that is secure. When you put it on you, it is impossible to remove without the key.

Pic from

I am so looking forward to put this on him, but before I can happily lock him in this sissy device, I need to do proper measurement, and that is what I have been doing today.

My cuckold stood naked in front of me, hands tied up on his neck. Legs apart and eyes in the floor, sissy style. 
It is four important measurement we take on cuckold today.

A: Around waist, where you want the belt to lie. Suggestion here is hip line.
B: From centre on measurement A in front, through the crotch on the side of the cock to the centre back off measurement A.
C: Measurement from centre of your waist ( measurement A) to the top (start) of the cock.
D: From centre back on measurement A and down to the ass hole opening.
E: From top of the cock to the tip of the cock in relaxed position (the length of it)
F: the circumference of the cock, the thickest part.

Then the measurement is finished, the number we got is written down and send in to the web shop on mail. And to tell you this, we are so happy with the customer treatment from this place and this is why we recommend this store and products for you. 
In the marked out there today, it is not easy to find out what to order or from where. We are trying different places and products and then we tell you our experience and recommendations. If you are looking for something and do not know where or how to get it, send us a note and we do our best to find it out for all of you out there. 

More info and pictures will come as we got more info from the making, and when we get cuckold locked in it as a sissy. 



  1. Dear Norwegian hotwife,

    It is good to read that you granted your sissy a cameltoe chastity belt. It's a lucky sissy.
    Keep up the good work!


  2. This looks like the kind of chastity I wish to have for myself.


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