Chastity belt is a way of life

My cuckold wears chastity belt/ cage every day, and I wear the key. I always wear the key on me, in ankle chain, necklace, bracelet or someplace else. Most of the time the key is visible for others to see, and this is a way to show I got my man in chastity, I am the Mistress and owner. If I meet people that see my key, and comments it I like it. He is my cuckold and I am proud of him.

We have lot of different type at home, plastic and metal, and now waiting for the sissy chastity belt. He starts with one a bit bigger and switches to smaller after the times go. 

When my cuckold is locked in his chastity for a long time, his sissy clit gets smaller. The cock is just a muscle so when it don’t get used, don`t get hard, it gets smaller, it´s literally shrinks.
When my cuckold is “normal”. In other words not locked in, his cock is bigger, and meassure 19 cm (7,5 inches). When he have been lock in for a long time. Let`s say 6 months, his cock will then be about 13 cm (5 inches) .
When he is free and “ big” he gets a hard one very easily. When he has been locked in for a long time, he struggles to make it hard and stiff. He often, or most of the time need help from viagra to get it up, if he gets it up at all.

When he uses chastity belt or cage, it is important to milk him. You can check out age and activity, how often he needs milking. Let me show you an example:
On my cuckold the net say one time every month, BUT he get edged a lot and then he needs more milking. I milk my cuckold about once a week, it is important to never let your cuckold go in chastity for a long time and not empty his "sperm chamber". When he needs to get milked, I massage/play with his prostate, fingers, dildos, prostate massager toys or in other ways. He can have prostate orgasm, even when he is in chastity, so this is so perfect for milking and this is a fantastic orgasm in addition.

When cuckold goes in chastity he gets much more horny than when he is “free”.  He struggles to keep his hand of me, and he begs for relish. He never know when he gets out, I do let him out sometimes but that is under my rules. He gets out a few times a week in the shower, for a real clean up, and shaving. When that happens, I always tie his hands up and I do the clean up, shaving/vaxing myself. I always lock him back in before I untie his hands. It is very important for me that he can not touch his sissy clit by him self, when I do not tell him to do so. It is all in the psychology, if he can touch it, his body thinks he can use it.
When his sissy clit is getting cleaned and shaved, it is very important that it is dry when the lock comes back on.

It is many reasons to keep him in chastity.
I have the control over him, and he needs to please me to get out. For me it’s a feeling to have total control over him, and that he willingly gives away that control to me. Knowing I have the power to control his orgasm, anywhere, in any fashion or how to get them. Knowing I can deny him permanently orgasm if I want to, or I decide where and when he gets it. I control if he can touch him self and I got the power to demand orgasm for my self without giving orgasm to him. I decide, thats the sexy with it.
For him it’s a sign of love, to give away something that important to the one you love. The sissy clit is getting smaller and then I need a real cock to please me, a big and hard one. It is humiliating for my cuckold, not being the one who can give me this pleasure. He will therefore do his best to please me in other ways. Tongue, fingers, toys and all your imagine, and I do not say no to such things, I am a slut you know.

When cuckold is in chastity, the teasing is so amusing. Let me tell you more how I tease my cuckold another time. I just love to do this, and I get horny just by thinking of it.



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