Public idea

Today I am a bit bored... I am sitting here thinking what to do. I wanna do something fun, something public. 
I sit on instagram to maybe get some inspiration, there is a lot of hot pictures on instagram, and I get even more restless.
Suddenly I know what I like to do. 

Today I have send a text to my cuckold with tasks he ned to do before he gets home and maybe I will do some tasks myself. I went up to the bedroom, found my demi skirt and top.

I am going to play a bit public. I will go to town and get myself an orgasm or two. I love this kind of game and I feel the tension in my stomach. 

I am thinking buss at least, maybe a diner or coffee shop... 
Public is fun and exciting, both alone and with others. 
This summer will be a lot of public and a lot of play.
If anyone have a story to tell me about a public thing, send me a mail : and maybe I share your story. Named or Anonymous, your choice.



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